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Author Topic: Chelsea Hart - Mansfield  (Read 3960 times)

23 review(s) for Miss Chelsea Hart (21 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/1159756 or https://www.adultwork.com/chelseahart

A sexy, fit brunette girl with a great body.

She works from a house in the centre of Mansfield. Plenty of parking around. Not the most discrete place, as it's on a main road, but you're usually let in faily quickly, so never had any problems.

Chelsea is one of my regulars, so this field report isn't about one specific meeting.

Chelsea is a great girl. Very friendly and horny as fuck. She's one of those girls that always seems to know what you're in the mood for. Whether it's a sweaty fuck or a blowjob whilst she gives you a prostate massage, she always delivers. On top of that, she's a good laugh as well, so I always leave with a smile on my face.

IMHO, one of the top girls in Nottingham. The only down side is that she doesn't do CIM. Probably a good job, or I'd be bankrupt!

23 review(s) found for Miss Chelsea Hart linked to in above post (21 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Ipunter

I've always wanted to see her, but messages get read and not responded to and every time I ring it goes straight to voice mail.

Same here Ipunter,phone calls to voicemail and texts not replied to either.She's difficult to contact for sure  :(

I've had my say about her before and it was a average punt for me with no owo and I was expecting better with all the positive feedback about her. She never replied to my emails to so booked via phone

Online NIK

I've had my say about her before and it was a average punt for me with no owo and I was expecting better with all the positive feedback about her. She never replied to my emails to so booked via phone

I think I have said before in response to this it sounds as if she might be better if you want a bit of kinky stuff rather than straight services. From what Mutinyonthecounty says it suggests her services would be perfect for me as I prefer a bit more pervy stuff in my old age. The problem is however I have to seriously count the pennies and combined with the fact that my libido is at rock bottom and I simply can't be arsed these days I doubt I will get to see her. She is however the only local prossy who remotely attracts my interest.
When I was working briefly some mornings in Mansfield earlier in the year I phoned a few times but it was always on answer phone. To be fair I think she hadn't actually 'clocked on' any of the times. Once upon a time I would have waited around and persisted and persisted, but these days I simply preferred to come home and keep the precious cash in my wallet.  ;)

She is also almost certainly older than the permanent prossy 29 years of age she advertises as I actually say her at New Escape Derby a number of years ago, by which time she was probably in her mid twenties. It was in truth a bit of a weird punt. I can't recall what she looked like facially at all, apart from she had long dark hair which seems to be the same as her photos. I recall she let me lick her arse and provided w/s which is in keeping with Mutinyonthecounty's reports. However the w/s was in the shower which isn't my favourite method of receiving. She also very much wanted me to fuck her arse, but I wasn't up to it even back then. In fact I probably didn't even fuck her pussy. I can't recall whether there was any kissing, but that seems to suggest even if there was it was unmemorable. She was enthusiastic but I also recall she pissed about for quite a long time getting ready. I might have been the first punter of the day.
The thing that really put me off though, and this wasn't her fault as it was to do with the venue rather than her, was  the fact that they were having some improvement work done and this meant that the reception had relocated right outside the room and you could hear everything they said, alongside the banging and hammering in the next room. Even though I was a massively experienced punter by this time I still felt inhibited. It would have been terrible for a newbie. I recall at the time thinking I wouldn't go to New Escape again (at least while the work was going on) but would see Chelsea again. I have had five punts in Derby and she was the only decent one, the other four all being dreadful.

Managed to see Chelsea for the first time today, after several attempts and only getting answerphone or leaving messages on AW but not getting any reply.
I'm glad I persisted though.
Great body and did all the services offered on her page for the price I paid.
Came away very happy.

Meat,how did you get contact in the end.I only ask as like you I get no answer when I phone or text.I'm off work next week so want to sort a meeting with her

Sent a text message to the number on her AW profile.

Thanks,I'll just have to keep trying,she sounds worth it.

Offline redt4

Is she a mansfield girl or has she just happened to end up in the god for saken place????

Have done alot off work in that area so know it quite well, hence the original question. .....sorry if you originate from there. .

I visited Chelsea a few weeks back and have to say i was surprised on how attractive she is. Very very nice.

A good attitude and i think if you were a regular you would be onto something good.

She did get very wet but also felt quite loose and i'm 2.5 inch thick.

Offline PickleTwiddler

Does she charge for extras or is the 100ph all in?
Banning reason: Shitty childish entitled attitude after given perfectly reasonable PM reply by Admin

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