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Continuing my reviews for ladies I have seen recently.

Some of my most memorable punts have been with Brazilians in the early 2000's and I hadn't seen one in years. I Had planned on another girl in the heathrow area who I couldn't get through to after confirming a booking  :dash:. Isla only popped on AW in the heathrow area the night before. My balls did the thinking for me and I decided to see her.
This is my first TOFTT.
Since then, I noticed she moves around a lot.

Very good looking Brazilian girl - prob 28-30, but can pull off younger.
With a fabulous figure and face to match (not often you get both). 
Sultry looks with gorgeous eyes. Lovely *dark hair* with a few blonde streaks. Strong, tight body with a great ass to grab and nice boobs too (fairly certain they are real). The punt went quite quickly and so some details are a bit hazy. She dressed up in black lingerie/stockings and looked great. The pictures on her profile are a bit shit. I would say the one that is her is the picture in the 'movies section' titled: walking in black lingerie...

This one: https://www.adultwork.com/dlgViewMovieImage.asp?Image=523760.jpg&Description=provocative+walking+in+sexy+black+lingerie

DFK was top as was the massage in between rounds.
What she did, she did very well + her friendliness and energy make this a positive. Along with the fact that she gave the impression she was enjoying herself. I think Jason describes it perfectly in his reviews as 'The Girlfriend Illusion'.

OWO was good. I don't particularly like having my ass licked, but this girl loves to rim. I told her to stop but she loved devouring my asshole with her tongue. It was cute to watch her enjoying it, but it did nothing for me.

I mentioned it in another recent review, and I realised it again after this punt: from now on, I will always check services beforehand before the punt starts. Isla was blowing me all over the room and then took  me to the bathroom where she continued. As I was reaching the point of no return, she pulled me out of her mouth and wanked me over her nice tits. I was hoping for CIM/Swallow as advertised. Anyway, lesson learned.

She will take calls/texts during the punt and was sucking on my balls whilst texting a reply to another punter. She does it in a sexy way - for example, she answered a call whilst looking at me straight in the eye and having my balls in her mouth. My mind was saying: "switch the fucking phone off" but my balls were loving it.

RO - I enjoy this and especially on Brazilian girls. However, she was not up for it. When questioned why, she replied that she does not want to cum so early in the day. Onto round 2 (prompted by her - maybe she felt guilty because she knew I was disappointed she said no to RO) and I came during doggy - the view of her sexy backside/body was just too much. Overstayed by 5 mins or so.

Would I Return: Prob not, because there are too many ladies left to see. Potentially a Plan B, but with her moving around so much, I doubt out schedules will match up again.

Summary: She's the kinda girl who wants to try and enjoy her time with you (which is GREAT) and gets really into it and because of this I have looked past the negatives and rated her a postive.
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5 review(s) found for SexyBlondeIsla linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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