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Author Topic: Kensington High Street  (Read 1282 times)


Opposite the large hotel (Royal Garden) near Kensington Gardens is Thai Thai Massage a slightly seedy establishment with a even seedier gate keeper. It is under a hairdressers which you have to walk through. They do a hour massage for £45 and HJ (nothing else) for £40, which is a bit steep I think. Hit and miss with the girls, but Penny is nice if she's still there.

Recently called in to the place while visiting the area for work.

Prices have gone up as it's now £50 for the hour and £35 for half hour.

As described the rooms are downstairs and you need to briefly walk through a hair dressers.

I saw Penny who was very sweet and pretty, reckon shed be in her mid 30's. Long brown hair and cute smile. The rooms are tiny....I'm 6ft 3 and I found it difficult to enter the rooms and to undress without sitting down. Anyway the room was comfortable enough, a clock, some asian theme decoration, background music and a small mattress to lay down on.

I agreed upfront with Penny a HJ for an extra £10. Massage was ok/good and got me relaxed. Plus she allowed some touching of her breasts while she oiled mini Monty up and even inserted a gloved finger up. She let me give her a little kiss FK and gave good eye contact and encouragement while she tossed me off. After she cleaned me up with some hot soapy water and gave me a little bit more of a massage.

All in all not too bad as a walk in place but make sure you negotiate hard with the girls as initially she wanted to charge me £30 for just the HJ.


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