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Author Topic: Edinburgh Punt This Week  (Read 604 times)

Hey Gents, will possibly be through east his week and am out of touch with things in Edinburgh, but still fancy sampling some of the goods.

Are there any independent girls you'd particularly recommend or would I be better plumping for a sauna experience which I've never tried before? If so, which sauna and which girls? Only thing is that I'm possibly looking for a cum twice effort and not sure how this works in saunas, or d'you simply pay for longer?

One girl I'm considering trying again and hoping to get on a good day is Vanesa - http://www.escort-scotland.com/ca85924ee0115/vanesa/scottish-escort.html. Had a mixed experience before with her as per some of her other reviews but am willing to give her another go simply because she's so fucking hot for the money and think I could go far worse, given the apparent state of the Edinburgh indie scene.


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You can't go wrong with Lilywhite
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Cheers. Just sent her a message on AW.

Does she usually get back to you quite quickly when her green light is on?

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