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Author Topic: _Sexy__Amy_  (Read 799 times)

8 review(s) for _Sexy__Amy_ (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline ShyWolf

Writing this review as I have been seeing Amy quite a lot in the past month, Doing 30 minute meetings.

I did try Anal with Amy a while back and was relieved as I thought I might be too thick for her but she said she would try.
was a good experience as was my first time trying it.
We started with doggy but hurt her too much so stuck with missionary position.
But Anal is not for me and I wouldn't pay extra for it again as feeling is not that
much different just a lot warmer.

But what I have found with Amy is that the service gets better with every visit.
She does great GFE and very passionate during sex and the way she licks my balls to finish me off is unbelievable.
I think it would be hard for me to find another WG that I have seen that is that good and for the price.

She has also come back from holliday this last week so she has a lovely tan over her body.

But I am waiting too see Jessica at the HNDF again hopeelly the day she comes back for an hour booking as a treat for myself as
normally do 30 mins



8 review(s) found for _Sexy__Amy_ linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Seen Amy a few times, and one I intend to do a review of soon.

She is a little thin for me, but in a uniform is great.  Sex was good too.  The reason I can't go nuts about her is the fact that between shots she was up on her phone texting away.  Don't want to sound a killjoy, but sorry girl, I have paid good money for the hour and I don't expect you to be on the phone for 10 of them!

Anyway, moan over, will still  berecommending her, as the good does outweigh the bad!

Offline Redevil86

One of my early punts on Tudor St, lovely  looking Romanian  teen girl, while trying to make me cum to get me out the door ( only realised this in hindsight ) she was riding me with vigour then abruptly stopped and span around to do reverse cow girl, was struggling to keep the sap in me nuts as the sight of her bouncing up and down on me knob was quite a sight but then realised when she was on the up just before she came down I could see she was reading text messages ! Not sure why but that knocked the wind out of me sails ( like I should care ) the only way I could finish the punt off was with a bout of 69, paid for an hour think I was driving home in about 35 mins, those wer the days !!!!!

Offline Gigiddy

Thanks for the review she is now on my hotlist. Where in Cardiff is she ? I heard east but Roath St Mellons. I ask bcause I will be coming from the other side of the Port
Banning reason: Frivolous reporting

Offline ShyWolf

She is located in Roath close to the park

Offline Redevil86

I've seen Olivia, same venue, had Aranged to do a 3 sum with sweet Olivia 22 and Amy but went and got ill and time ran out as Olivia is now on holiday, will see Amy while Olivia's away then when she's back, bang .

Offline HughJardon

But Anal is not for me and I wouldn't pay extra for it again as feeling is not that much different just a lot warmer.
Yeah but its good for roasting your nuts  :cool:

Good review sdubb and more or less how I see her, she loves sex and that comes across when Ive punted with her.
Still a go-to girl if options are low, my only real gripe is that its a really busy area what with the shop traffic etc and the main doors always locked.
When inside the small snug room its all gravy.

Offline wonky

Amy is a great shag. Petite with pretty boobs. The more I've seen her the better she's been. Never tried anal but maybe one day. She has never touched her phone with me and in fact she confirmed it is a friend who does texting and arranging for her as she's not that good at it.. Which would be my best not gripe with Amy, her English is not the best..... But ok to have a partial convo with..

A positive a* from me, and while others charge more than £100p/hr and with the hndf row the bay you gotta be something special to demand more :)

Battered all her holes many times 5 years ago.. she was 19 back then to.  She was great and always enjoyed fingering her arse.  Sucks great and fucks even better.  She went then came back.. only seen her twice since then.. she is now way to close for comfort and finishes around 10 so not seen her.  Did bump into her in Tescos while she was bending over sticking her shopping in her bag.. I had a vision of my cock stuck in her tiny arse.  Then I went home and had my dinner before a quite night in front of the telly before bed. :lol:

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