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Author Topic: Melanie Kinky - Old Street EC2 - AKA Melanie XS  (Read 731 times)

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Offline SWLondon


I decided to TOFT earlier this week but after seeing her I noticed there was a review for her on this site not in the reviews section...  :dash:

I saw Melanie for 30mins and paid £80, it would of been an hour but she didn't offer DFK only 'closed mouth' french kissing and didn't do as she describes "girl friend sex".  I should of walked but the tits were talking to me and I was rock solid, so the little head did the thinking.

The venue is an okay flat above a shop opposite a busy pub.  As I'm sure most you know London in Summer means outdoor drinkers, and I'm sure it won't take them long to know that the place has a working girl in there.  The room is a decent size and its fairly obvious that Melanie is living there.

About Melanie.  She is about 5ft9 ish, early 20s and is a slim size 8 with fantastic fake tits.  Her tits have been really well done and she looks stunning.  The other review here said she wasn't wearing make up, I must have been lucky as she was wearing make up and looked very pretty.  She opened the door wearing some sexy pink lingerie.

Once payment was sorted she took off her bra and revealed her fantastic tits.  She went straight in for OWO and was pretty good at it, I had to get her to stop as I didn't want to blow my load.  This is were it started to go down hill a little bit, there was some confusion about what I was trying to get her to do (take off her knickers) and she got a bit stand off-ish and had an abrupt attitude - oh dear!  Fortunately it was soon clear I wasn't trying to bareback her and we were back on our way, she laid down and I licked her pussy to the point were she was about to cum but then she pushed me off and quite forcefully said I don't do girlfriend sex!

At this point I was quite annoyed and decided I just wanted to fuck her and go.  So the sex was fairly quick and I was a tiny bit rough, strangely she actually seemed to enjoy it although again got me to slow down before she came!  In the end I came inside her (in a condom), cleaned up, and then called it a day.  All in all I had about 20mins action and I doubt more would have been on offer even if I decided to try and get another 10mins out of her.

I think she has some issues working as a hooker and she should consider her job choice.  It's a shame as after we had quite a good chat and I think she took to me on a personal level, but I won't be returning.  Not when Jade is round the corner and a far, far better shag.

Would I recommend her to anyone?  No.  Which is a shame as she is just my type; young, slim, with amazing tits.

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Offline KentAde

"Girlfriend sex"?! WTF.....surely sex is sex to a hooker?  :dash:

Offline ta77

can you give us a link to jades profile?

Offline SWLondon

MoistJade https://www.adultwork.com/2514227

AKA Jennifer from LMP or Jade from HoD.

Excellent prossie IMO.  Seen her a few times now.

I just read on her profile that her tits are natural - they are almost certainly not!  But they are fucking great.
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