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Author Topic: Diana - The Bluebell Suite  (Read 588 times)

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Offline denneboom

Saturday night at the Bluebell Suite. Arrived after midnight and paid £5. As cheerfully demanded by security guy at the door.  This is the usual charge on Saturday nights, I was told.

Inside there were seven girls available. 1 black girl 6 EE. Got a beer on entry. The girls looked bored and it seemed a slow night. Sat down in the waiting area where EE music was being played and engaged with a little meaningless small talk with two EE girls. Sonia and Diana. Although another EE girl tried to belly dance and make eye-contact with me to try and get me to choose her. I thought there would be a few men around but I was the only one. I always try to hurry up before any one else arrives into the waiting area. There was a good choice available considering it was past 1am.   

Romanians. Sonia had an amazing set of large heavy Bristol Citys, but I was attracted to the leggy physique of Diana who must have stood 6ft.

£60 for 30mins

The punt itself was par for the course in a night time parlour with an Eastern European. Vanilla with FK & OWO off the agenda. At least we had a clean comfortable bed to shag on in a clean and tidy bedroom.

After exploring Diana's mysteriously fascinating size 12 form, I covered BJ Missonary, Spoons & Doggy before I unloaded into the rubber. Not a top notch punt but after a couple of beers in town and failing to blow my load in Annabels, just what I needed.

Clean and secure parlour with cosy bedroom, good looking unique leggy tall girl.
Mechanical, going through the motions, no extras.   

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