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Author Topic: Autumn - Allure  (Read 1054 times)

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1 hour outcall to my City Centre hotel while I was staying over in Newcastle.


Booking by e-mail / txt was easy and trouble free.

Autumn arrived exactly on time (almost to the second). I was slightly taken aback by her appearance and attitude at first, but in an entirely good way. She just seemed so 'normal', nothing brash or business-like about her at all, she just seemed completely down to earth and genuine; she even seemed slightly nervous at first. She's also naturally very attractive and easy to warm to. We sat and had a drink and a chat for a few minutes but she was shorty positioned on my knee while we enjoyed some DFK with her stroking my cock though my clothes. Without any prompting she got down on her knees, got my trousers round my ankles, and started some excellent OWO. Nice and sloppy with plenty attention to the balls, just how I like it. While I still had some self control left I picked her up and put her on the bed, removing her tasteful undies in the process and administered some RO to her lovely pussy; very enjoyable, and she seemed quite happy too. By the way, her body is what I would call 'perfect MILF'; great tits, not stick thin but great curves. After that it was on with the bag and she rode me on top for a while before we tried out another couple of positions. I then laid back and let her finish be off into her mouth (she doesn't swallow). We then lay and chatted for what seemed like ages; I don't know how much we overran by, but it was quite a long time, and she didn't seem even slightly bothered.

I've read hundreds of times about so called GFEs, but this is the first time I've had anything that I would describe in that way. Autumn is an open, communicative, sexy and passionate woman who certainly give the appearance of loving her job. Would I see her again? Well, if I lived in the area I doubt I'd be able to resist, but to be honest it's just as well I'm far enough away to prevent me making a twat of myself (and probably going bankrupt).

Now, all I need is another excuse for a trip to Newcastle  :yahoo:
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Great lass, availability has been limited recently hence I haven't managed to see her for a while
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