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Author Topic: Miss Behave Paisley  (Read 1226 times)

Online draper99


any info on https://www.adultwork.com/3069598 ?

just seen this today and looks not bad but the verification pic make me think i have seen her before but cant remember the name she used.

Offline Courtney

A picture of a battered old school desk with a book called "A Guide To The Correction Of Young Gentlemen" ........ she fancy herself as a comedienne.

Online draper99

lol..didn't even notice that.
it was the verification pic that i looked at and thought i had seen her before under a different name,
but it looks like there has been a lot more work done than enhanced breasts. :crazy:

Offline seeker

50 years old  :vomit:
probably 55 to 60....ffs
time shec hung up working boots

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