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Author Topic: Lily Delphine Adultwork  (Read 1626 times)

21 review(s) for LilyDelphine (19 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline chriss1985


Before I start, this was the absolute best punt/shag of my life so viewer warning, this might get "fluffy".

Had never seen LD before but had seen Eva twice so wanted to quickly redress that imbalance before they shoot off and leave us.

Comms on AW were great and a couple of outrageously filthy messages got me right in the mood. Decided to go for an hour rather than my preferred 30 mins to see if I could have two rounds. More on that later.

Turned up at the Heaton Dreamhouse a bit early but text of Lily saying she was twiddling thumbs and to come asap. I duly obliged.

The door opened to an utterly stunning young woman. We've all seen the face pics/twitter but deary me, she is absolutely gorgeous. Petite, yet curvy. Girl next door, yet filthy. Innocent, yet morally corrupt (In a nice way haha!). Lovely body, hell even her voice turned me on and that's not normal for me.

Paperwork out the way and the next hour passed in a blur of DFK....is there a DDFK for deep, deep french kissing if not there should be. OWO where she spent a bit of time on my balls and cue the first instance I nearly passed out. This wouldn't be the last. Filthy talk and kissing throughout. Moved into 69 where her pussy was nice and tight and her hygiene was impeccable. Made all the right noises as plugged away and took all my might not to shoot there and then.

Lily then told me she wanted to feel me inside her so on with the rubber and on with doggy. This is where it gets better. Some girls just stay motionless with the odd grunt but she was going hell for leather. Bucking back, screaming....God only knows what the upstairs neighbours thought as I thought the bed was going to smash through the wall. Stayed in position for a length of time that surprised me no end and finished with us both coming at the same time. Mine was absolutely fantastic as she bucked back. Hard. And I swear I nearly passed out for the second time. I couldn't move for a few minutes and she quite enjoyed me just staying in her. My word, this girl is filth.

Little break as I felt like I'd just ran the 100m against Usain Bolt and good chat, she's very, very easy to get on with and have a bit banter. She did the head on chest thing which was great and we had a bit cuddle. This morphed into DFK again and I went to town on the fingering getting her wetter than an otters pocket. My time was coming up and unfortunately the wee man wouldn't play again but I left to yet more DFK and cuddles at the door.

 Been with a few WG's now and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was my best punt to date! Stunningly brilliant. 10/10
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21 review(s) found for LilyDelphine linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline johnny34

Great review thanks chriss  :drinks:

Such a great girl imho.

Good to see you got to experience Lily before she disappears into the sunset of Nottingham.

Wonder who will be the first to request a Maid Marion outfit for her to wear!!


Tried to book her for my Newcastle tour but she is N/A for a morning session - Pity as I have a few of her friends lined up for a booking. Would have been nice to have her as well as she is considered to be a top % Newcastle WG,

Shame N/A for when I want to see her !!!   :hi: :hi:


Offline walter

What's the score with AW bookings for Lily? Does she ever confirm them?

Last Saturday I put a booking through for next Monday (3rd August), at a time she suggested (I'd had communication with her just before). Five days later and the booking's not confirmed! I've mailed her twice on AW but they've not even been read, even though she has logged in every day. I then decided to message her on here and, again, no reply. I don't know whether she's read the message on here but she  has certainly logged in since I sent it.

So, I have no idea whether I have a booking or not on Monday! And as I have to travel to Newcastle, it takes a bit of planning.

Guess it may be time for plan B.

Offline walter

Lily has replied now and we're all sorted so panic over!

Offline Mansell

Lily has replied now and we're all sorted so panic over!

Good things come to those who wait  :D She's like everyone else and has a life outside of work. But her comms a great and good bit of banter always fun  :lol: :lol:

Offline Rod trotter

Must get to see her before she goes, she is fantastic
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