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Author Topic: Michaela, HOD2 Victoria  (Read 1362 times)

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Offline drwho


Only visited HOD once before, and read the warnings on here about being short changed by the back to back bookings etc, but after a couple of £60/30 min AW bookings being less than amazing thought it would be worth paying the extra £10 and giving this place another try.

Michaela in the gallery pics and in real life is slim and good looking.
She looks a bit less tanned in real life, but her body is as stunning as the pictures.
There is a little bit of a resemblance to Natalie Sawyer from Sky Sports News, at least in my mind. :thumbsup:
According to wikipedia Natalie is half Bulgarian, Michaela is also from Bulgaria, so maybe they share some blood/spunk?

Arrived 15 mins early, got a shower and used the toilet, all very relaxed.
Had a drink of juice just as Michaela came in.
A very agreeable session ensued, unlike my past couple of punts in dodgy flats through Adultwork.

Enjoyed plenty of kissing, RO, various positions, OWO, little finger up her ass, (no CIM, but that doesn't bother me a huge amount).
Came in 69 towards the end of the meet, after warning her to avoid the CIM she doesn't appreciate.

Restored my faith in punting after a couple of less good ones recently

Offline Cabbots

Glad you had a good time.  What's HOD2 Victoria like?

I've had mixed experiences at HOD (South Ken) but the most recent couple of visits last year were really disappointing, especially the rudeness/bitchiness of the maid who handles the bookings.  Put me right off HOD - perhaps they've improved in the last ten months...?

Offline drwho

The Maid was fine both occasions I've been.
The place itself is very presentable, with a decent shower and toilet, separate to the bedroom.
 These were afternoon weekday punts, so quiet and relaxed. I imagine evenings and weekends could be a different experience though.

May check out next week, looks quite tidy. Is it still near Pimilico station?

seems like a safe bet comparing with random AW snip

I went to victoria this week to see chloe and had a bad time, i used to be a regular at hod but last 12 months have been generally poor

The maid was fine in fact very friendly, but its a small basement flat 15min from victoria station and had to keep hiding inside as punters come in and out. 

Will write full review, but chloe stunk, she walked straight in from another booking tad late, pretty girl but no personality.  I have seen her before and remembered her being ok service wise.  It was rushed and no real input from her.

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