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Author Topic: Anal Fantasy  (Read 893 times)

Offline ABC_90

Hi Guys

I have been punting for a very short time so very novice here and don't know much about the girls here.. I had some bad experience recently so I need your help

I want Anal.. I have been searching AW for anal girls but can't seem to find any decent.. Some has a very good pictures but they seems too good to be true

Can anyone recommond a nice lady who likes anal ? ;)

Cheers  :drinks:
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Offline The happy one


You will find advice would come to you quicker if you took the time to do reviews on the ladies that you have met good and bad

And if you took the time to read some of the reviews that others had taken the time to place on Here for everyone benefit you would also get some ideas of who you would enjoy

Plus you need to give more information

Incall or outcall
How much
What you want her to look like

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Offline ABC_90


I find very few review of ladies that offer Anal services and

the one I read , either the ladies are not answering or the profile is not the same any more

I am looking for

Anywhere in London
Budget is between 100-200
I like nice and big bums so anylady with a nice bum will do  :cool:

Any help guys.. the weekend is arriving very quickly  ;)

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Do some personal research, make a list then read some reviews.
That way you'll get to the bottom of the matter.

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