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Author Topic: Busty Thai Nina, Edinburgh  (Read 1287 times)

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Having not punted for over 6 months, I was reminded yesterday why I seldom bother with punting in this fucking country. Went up to Edinburgh for the day, planning on a punt and an afternoon's shopping. Called BTN the day before enquiring about a visit the following afternoon. Was told it wouldn't be a problem, but to phone on the day to confirm. Which I did. Was then told she wasn't available til after 5pm (despite a claim of 24/7 availablity on her profile) which fucked up my afternoon as I'd wanted to do the punting first then get on with my day.

Anyway, text her at ten to 5 to tell her to send me the exact address when she was ready. Was told to wait 10 minutes while she got ready. Waited for 20 minutes, nothing. After a half hour texted again, called her- no answer, no reply. After 40 minutes I wrote it off, sent her a text calling her a timewasting cunt and headed off back down to Princes Street.

Funny, the only text she bothered to respond to was the last one. "Bad man to call lady like this" blah blah blah. Said she text the wrong person or something. Funny, since she must have known she had a client waiting and so would have been on the watch for incoming texts or calls, so there's no way on earth she could've missed my previous multiple texts asking if she was ready yet.

Only booked for 15 minutes so my guess would be I got fucked off to make way for a higher paying customer. Cunt. :mad:

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Offline RandyF

No idea if you read or searched on here before you booked mate, but there's several accusations that this is a man...along with various other issues.  :rolleyes:

Maybe you dodged a bullet and an outside-in scrotum ball-bag?

Very touchy sensitive subject this, and we have to tread carefully, as there's been a few good Scottish gents being caught out by the scrotum trick recently on here. There not poofs  :manhater:  :manhater:
Banning reason: Troll

Rather stupidly I didn't actually search for her on here before attempting to book her. But yeah, I read the other reports before posting the above. I find it very hard to believe that's a man. I also spoke to her on the phone, and she had a rather high-pitched, squeaky voice. If that's really a man, it's the best transition I have ever seen.

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