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Author Topic: Hot Ameera & Sexy Dee - 3Some Duo - Euston London NW1  (Read 1626 times)

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Called on Friday morning the duo day and spoke with Ameera approx 9.40am - I know very early for her !!! moving on - asked if the girls were fully booked for their duo day - She replied to say Yes sorry all booked for the day - However the 1st guy at 11.30am had not confirmed yet or done a AW booking. - She said to wait for 30 mins and she will email him and ask if he is coming and if no reply back and no AW booking by 10.15 then I can be the 1st and have his 11.30am booking for 1 hour.

https://www.adultwork.com/1906769 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot+Ameera

https://www.adultwork.com/1653394 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7EDEE%7E

Had a message back - No answer from the 11/30am booking so all good to go - Drove to Ameera's flat and parked near by - Parking is by phone with ringoo and station is a 15 mins walk in Euston. Lots of parking nearby but expensive I did 90 mins for £3.20 in case we had overrun.

Have seen Ameera a few times the last being a few weeks ago when I saw her twice in 1 week but the case for Dee is slightly different - had not seen her for nearly 18 months so was looking forward to meeting her agai.

Had a message at 11.20 that both girls were ready and if I wanted to come in early - As I needed a quick wash agreed to come in.

Both girls were dressed in very sexy outfits - Dee in her AP bra and knickers - stockings and high heels looked absolutely stunning - Ameera was in her short black dress with her bra trying to hold her great tits , heels and hold ups.

Walked in - had a DFK from Both girls lasting at least 10 seconds each but told them to hold off as I need to freshen up.

Quick shower and with my towel draped around my shoulders walked into the bedroom - asked if I wanted a drink - said yes and while Ameera went and got a glass of coke - me and Dee decided to catch up with full on DFK - Great kisser and what a tongue - She had me on the bed and her tongue and mouth was all over me - Ameera came in and said ''WOW you have started without me''

She then moved in and we had a great 3 way DFK - I then decided to get both girls to play with each other G/G action while I watched -

Great Les show with full on DFK and fingers and mouths all over each other - lots of play between both girls and very very full on.

This lasted a full 10 minutes before I joined in the action - both girls went down on my dick for some full on lollypop BJ, then Ameera with full on DTBJ while Dee had my balls 1 by 1 in her mouth and then decided to rim me.
Girls then switched and then I decided to fck Dee first while she was licking Ameera.

Again switched condoms and the girls switched over - I had Ameera doggie while she licked Dee's pussy.

Next was cow girl with Dee as Ameera and me was full on DFK - Girls then did 69 as I went back to fck both girls in turn.

We were now 25/30 mins in and I was ready to explode - had both girls kissing me full on while I fingered both girls - dee telling me to push in another finger - She is a filthy girl and then asking me to push 3 fingers in and how she wanted my cum to go into Ameera so they can do a cum swop kiss after.

This was the final straw as both girls laid down to take my cum - 1st Ammera took the main load with some going to Dee - Both girls the did a  awesome sum swop kiss in full view and then dribbled the cum all over their tits - WOW pure filth PSE style.

Excellent round 1 - Had some drink and a catch up - Dee looked absolutely stunning and really toned since I last saw her +18  months ago - she is now a size 8 with some great natural looking tits with excellent responsive nipples - They do look fabulous.
Ameera in her tight black dress lasted 2 mins before coming off to show a nice matching expensive blue bra and small tight knickers again lasted on for a few minutes.

With 15/20 mins to go Ameera started to suck my dick as I started kissing Dee again - went full on with toys and the purple doxy for the next 20 minutes, Even ran over by 10 mins as both girls were doing their best to get me to cum the 2nd time - Unfortunately the prick of a dick did not want to play so eventually I decided it was not going to happen -

What a way to try and finish and full credit for both girls for trying their hardest to get me to cum a 2nd time - Actually Both girls seemed disappointed that my dick did not produce the goods for the 2nd round.

Excellent 3some session - very very full on and very much more PSE than GFE - They do work so well together - Cost for the 1 hour was £250.

Finished approx 10 mins over - had another quick shower with Ameera, Dee came in to join us but I had to get dried up as I was due elsewhere but if I had the time we could have had another quick try in the shower with all 3 of us !!! perhaps next time.

Perfect end to a great 3some -

77 review(s) found for Hot Ameera linked to in above post (76 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)
64 review(s) found for ~DEE~ linked to in above post (58 positive, 4 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline shagbambi

Thanks for the review. Definitely on my must do list!

Nice review. Beat me to writing one!

Offline herbie007

Great review password.

I’m gutted I missed out seeing them this time round but already got my name down for next time their together, I love playing with these 2 horny beauties, at my last meeting I let them take the lead and shag me senseless, I fucking loved it.  :P

Glad you had a good time mate.  :drinks:

Offline john_n

Great review and it looks like I should try to see them as a duo once

Offline poi

Another top review from Mr.P   :hi: . I am really Jealous  :diablo:  Ameera is a top girl and you see her all the time   :hi:
« Last Edit: July 26, 2015, 06:45:55 PM by poi »

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Excellent, glad you had a good time PW, especially as you had not seen Dee for a while.

Duo's are not really my thing, but if I ever break my duck, these 2 would be near the top of my list. I can imagine them working very well together.

Offline Pdubz

Another good review! thanks pw  :hi:
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