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Author Topic: Sarah The Passionate - West Ealing  (Read 2815 times)

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Saw Sarah recently in West Ealing.


I think she's been reviewed by Pumps a couple of months back, however, Sarah / her maid was using a different profile.


Despite Pumps' review being neutral, my brain and my legs were listening to my dick and I just slowly gravitated to West Ealing where Sarah is based.

The compass was pointing straight at West Ealing and it took me over an hour to get there! Ever had that moment where you can't control yourself, and you do as you're told by your dick?

Comms were all handled by the maid (I think). It was ok as the maid initially gave me a postcode a few streets away from where Sarah actually lives.

Flat is at the back of the Iceland building and is on the first floor. The flat and the room were both pretty dark but that didn't bother me.

Sarah is pretty for her age, I'd say she's a few years older than what the profile says. She's very slim and has a great body for someone of her age. She speaks fairly good English and is always eager to please.

Every time I said "Can we do this or let's do this, shall we?", she'd always respond and say "Of course, you're the client. I am happy."

We started off with a short massage which I thought was excellent as she had this really gentle touch. I could have just laid there, enjoying the massage for the full duration of the hour, however, I didn't want too much of a starter!

She then gave me nice owo, lots of spitting and balls licking. Plenty of eye contact. It was really good and I had to stop her after about 5 mins as I nearly exploded.

Mish, doggy, and after a couple of other positions, I whipped off the mac and she did owo then cim.

It was bizzard that she spat it all out on my stomach. She kept spitting on my stomach for another minute or two, once every 10 seconds or so.

I don't know why but she just seemed to love spitting whenever my cock was near or in her mouth. Whilst less spitting would be good, I really enjoyed her owo as she didn't use too much of her hands.

We then had a short rest before she started giving me owo again. We then had sex in a few positions but I couldn't cum as I ran out of time.

Slightly clock-watching but I still think I had a good time, she's vfm at 70 p/h.

Overall, a positive for me and I'll definitely see her if I'm around the area.

P.S. She said she'll be here for another week or two, don't miss her if you get a chance!

1 review(s) found for sarah the passionate linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline rsd007

Thanks for the review - I've been curious to see other punters thoughts. Might give her a whirl in the next week or two!

Offline anton216

Thanks for the review mate. Would you say she looks exactly like her pics? Pumps mentioned she looks like in her 50s.

Offline anton216

And also, was there any dfk? Thanks.

I'd say she looked about 45 and her body's really nice and smooth for her age. You'll get a fantastic view of her slim, smooth body when you do her from behind.

I didn't go for DFK as I never do this with girls that also do CIM.

I also didn't bother with kissing as I recall she had a slightly funny breath. I don't know what it was, it didn't smell bad but it wasn't fresh either.

Hope that helps.

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