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Author Topic: miss sexmachine - wood green  (Read 2367 times)

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I had had my eye on this girls profile for ages and noted with interest she was in london for a short time so decided to book her. I had been out on a massive bender last night, complete with my first civvy action in over a year  :yahoo: and after packing said girl off from my hotel room I still had the hanhgover horn. I  would never normally punt hungover but I knew I would be in central london early evening  and with miss sexmachine only in town for a short while I decided to book. Her comms were fine and we quickly agreed on a time and she sent through the location details.

 To be honest by the time the punt came around my hangover had eased a bit and having stocked up on mints and water during the day I headed off to her flat. In comparison to where i normally punt the location was grim, a nasty looking block of council flats in wood green, I felt very conspicuous approaching her flat.

Upon arrival I was greeted with a kiss from MSM and I have to say I thought she was very attractive and her pictures if anything dont do her justice. I love the heavily tattooed pornstar look and she pulls it off to a tee, due to how I was feeling I had just made this a half hour booking and I was already regretting my decision!

The fee was £70 with owo an optional tenner extra (in her hour price OWO is included) which I decided to pay. We started off with some nice kissing on the bed, which was deep at times and we sucked on each others tongues which was kind of fun. I then started to play with her lovely big fake tits before she began sucking my cock. Her blowjob technique is average, I like it deep and gagging and to be honest after recently seeing hayley this was nothing in comparison! However that aside I did find her really attractive so decided at this point to increase the booking to an hour bearing in mind the fact I will probably never see her again.

We continued with oral for some time before I decided it was time to fuck her, at this point MSM said could we change the booking back to just half an hour as she had forgotten she had someone booked in straight after me and with my booking being extended to an hour she would have no time to shower/freshen up. I thought this was a little weird and thought perhaps my hungover state was putting her off but she was very insistant that she didnt even notice I was hungover and was generally very nice, so much so that by the time I left I kind of believed her.

So back to the action, and on with the mac and I gave her a solid pounding in mish, cowgirl and doggy and by the end of all that plus her owo I was not only ready to cum but absolutely knackered! MSM whipped off the condom and went back to owo before bringing me off all over those fantastic fake tits of hers. I collapsed on the bed and had a look at the time and I had been there just over thirty minutes so no clock watching.

I was offered another shower which I took, saw her two colleagues who work with her on the landing, they giggled at me and carried on talking in hungarian, I then got dressed, said my goodbyes and headed off into the night.

In summary a very fit pornstar type tattooed goddess so a box ticked for me, a definite positive with the only shame being my hangover, but I am certainly glad I battled through it to see MSM  :drinks:

18 review(s) found for Miss Angelina Jade linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Ahhh brings back good memories.....saw her in Feb 14 in Manchester ......would love to see her again......

Ahhh brings back good memories.....saw her in Feb 14 in Manchester ......would love to see her again......
yeah man with such a distinctive look she is one that stays in your head

I didn't think I would be working in London this week but now it turns out I will be,tempted to go back for round 2 minus the hangover

Update 27/07

Decided to head back down to wood green again today for a repeat session with MSM to see how it would compare to my hungover punt,booked for an hour at £120.

Glad to report it was much better,she remembered me from before and we had a nice little joke about it.In terms of services it was dfk as soon as the door opened and included:
reverse cowgirl
1cim and 1 cum in the Johnny
Overall a great punt,I love her look and am on the lookout for any similar ladies if people have suggestions

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