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Author Topic: Colour change  (Read 349 times)

Offline Smartie

Interesting advert here!
Is it a spray tan or has Sergei mixed up the pics or even is it 3 girls or is it just me?


Offline MrBridger

Eyebrows and tats (yes tats) look the same so probably just changes of lighting and different angles between the pics

Should have cleaned the jizz off the mirror first though  :D

Update: just noticed bareback on the likes list so doubt anyone will be TOFTT (or at least not admitting it on here).
« Last Edit: July 24, 2015, 11:09:36 PM by MrBridger »
Banning reason: Spreading allegations against another punter because of personal dispute

Offline Chuckman

Her profile's been flagged so won't be up for long.

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