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Author Topic: Mandy - Leicester  (Read 921 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1993297 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7E+x+MANDY+x+%7E+

Well after being recommended by initially CoolTiger and then Redt4 I finally took the plunge and booked Mandy for a 1 hr PSE for £200, some would say that is expensive for an hour... Read below and see if you still think that

I did attempt to see Mandy last year but it never happened
Mandy's communication throughout was excellent, AW messages, Text and WhatsApp (as was mine I must say)  :cool:

I am adapting my email scenario I sent to Mandy for this review, little has been changed….

I texted her to say was here I arrived nervous with anticipation of what is about to happen over the next hour. As we had previously set out what was I needed Mandy to do.  I knocked on her apartment door and she let me in and disappeared in to the bedroom, “you can come in now” I enter with my hard cock in my hand to see stunningly beautiful 21 year old on her knees blindfolded and with her mouth open ready  :P
I ease my hard cock into her mouth, she sucked licked and spat on my before devouring the whole length within seconds of me entering her mouth.... That's it Mandy, we can say hello and kiss each other now, she removed the blindfold looked at me and said hello standing up she kissed me hard and passionately.  Wow Box ticked... never had my cock sucked before kissing a girl.   :yahoo: I hand over the paperwork which she  disposed of. Mandy told me to stand behind her and undress, what I thought…. She peeled off her sexy one piece and bent forward and I remembered… “Good Girl” I said as I caught sight of the anal beads she had fully inserted in her ass  :yahoo:
Both completely naked we fell onto the bed kissing each other, it was hard not to just get fluffy and lie there kissing her, but that was not what I was here for, I wanted dirty and she said she was dirty,  :diablo:  I needed to test her out.. On your knees Mandy, she obeyed me immediately, I went behind her and pulled out the beads, and offered them up for her to clean, clean, she licked, sucked and almost ate them.  :P I started to rim her ass and pussy alternately, tongue fucking both holes, she seems to enjoy this a lot, anyway she was making the right noises.
I eased my fingers into her pussy, and seemed to find her G spot straight away, I couldn’t resist, fingers into her mouth exploring it as she sucked and licked her juices from them.  Back to her pussy 2 fingers deep inside, I eased one into her ass, now the reaction was unbelievable. She liked it, I finger fucked both holes for a while and then tried her out, fingers into her mouth, no hesitation cleaned them up like a good one (dirty bitch… he he).  :drinks: Next on my list was fisting, I lubed her up, and easily had 3 fingers working on her G Spot and my mouth on her clit, she said come on Paul, go for it, now I have big hands I managed 4 fingers without hurting her and pushed harder, but there was no way I was going to achieve it, but to be honest, 3 fingers in her pussy felt wonderful, and even better with one finger in her ass.
I am so into this report that I have totally forgotten about 10 minutes of deep throated gagging blow job with loads of ball licking and some excellent DEEP rimming Mandy performed on me.
Again she cleaned my fingers, in fact I helped her along with it as well, very sensuous.  Next I had Mandy over the end of the bed for some face fucking and more rimming,  :D she was following the script to the letter (she had read it again before I arrived)… I needed to fuck her, on with the pussy condom (she has a condom for her ass) she mounted me “cow girl” and rode me well, looking at me all the time.  I only normally fuck doggy, she fucked me good and proper, Ass now Paul, I want to come she said…. Flipping hell, on with the ass condom and into doggy position. I am getting on and condoms do my cock in (oh by the way …45 was the age she guessed for me …good girl) We lubbed up, and I tried to enter her ass, nope… soft already, Mandy sucked me hard again and we repositioned, I was in…  :yahoo: back to a full hardon I pounded away at her ass for 10 minutes before I asked her to come (I was knackered)  :P she exploded with a noisy orgasm… Now for the next test, I withdrew and was ready to go to the other end of the bed, she beat me to it, round she turned and took my cock (with condom and ass juices) deep into her mouth and sucked it clean (she was clean anyway, but box ticked)  :yahoo: I lay down and removed the condom and she started deep throating me again, she sucked on my balls, I asked her to take both as no one has been able to before, she jiggled them around and then signalled with her eyes.. she had achieved it… box ticked  :yahoo:
I forgot…earlier on, Mandy gave me an excellent prostrate massage whilst gagging on my cock
Anyway, I needed to come, more deep throat and wet hand job until I came in her delicious mouth, a little was lost for which she apologised (don’t know how she managed that with her mouth full) she showed me my deposit and proudly swallowed for me… Good girl….  :drinks:
Anyway, after cleaning up and chatting my time was up, and I needed to head back to work.
Did I say she was stunning, and dirty?  Well she is…  :drinks:

Read above


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77 review(s) found for MandyFoxxx linked to in above post (71 positive, 5 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline redt4

Told you to book her didn't i

Wow that sounded amazing  :scare:

Great report!


Wow that sounded amazing  :scare:

Great report!
Thanks Jason
Mandy + Rosie duo booked for Aug

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