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Author Topic: LusciousLilyx (Glasgow)  (Read 2097 times)

4 review(s) for LusciousLilyx (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline glas847


Seen positive reviews, nothing bad about her so thought I'd try to go see her. Mailed on AW 2 nights beforehand for a meet for a specific time, got a reply saying it was good for her. Provided contact details for her to get me on, booked using the AW system incase. The time approaches I've not got a clue yet where to go, heard it was around Glasgow Green. Phoned - no answer, texted - no reply, checked AW no response, phoned again. Waited till the time had passed then gave up out of frustration. No apology/explanation received, 0/10 would not bother again.

Good Day Gentlemen.

4 review(s) found for LusciousLilyx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline RandyF

She's got a dreadful rep, mainly because she used to do duo's and threesomes with Little Lori and her ned bf/pimp  (the 'bang tidy bitchez' or something along those lines), until they all had a huge bust up and started calling each other mentally ill drug addicts.

All as scummy as each other.
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Offline glas847

Yeah, won't bother with her again, gave my booking away, called a minute past the specified time, absolute joke.

Offline guns

I've just been to see her today ( posted a review )
I did try to get hold of her ages ago and had the same problem . Never answered the phone and when i did get through said she was busy for the rest of the day so i gave up on her aswell .
I just phoned today for the hell of it and to my surprise she answered and could not have neen nicer .
Seems like a really nice girl when you meet her to be honest .
I'm glad i went anyway , her oral technique is amazing  :thumbsup:

Offline Next1

I tried to book a post work quickie with her. Got the postcode via text and estimated my time to arrive. All well decent coms so far.
Hit some god awful traffic so realised I wouldn't make it on time, so text back to explain I couldn't make it (only had a short window of opportunity to visit, hence the quickie)
Then got a reply to say I wasn't to try and book with her again. Pity because I had her on my to list for a while

Offline bensonhedges20

Tried to book her one day. Got address but no show.

She was two mins from glasgow green football pitches away from gorbals.

Was parked in a culdesac but she never responded to text or phone calls. 5 mins later switched phone off.

Never tried to book again
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Offline auldie63

Exactly the same crap with the bitch just over a year ago.

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