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Author Topic: Dear Kate ..... and the older punter ......  (Read 1540 times)

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Offline nodrah

www.adultwork.com/2450431 or https://www.adultwork.com/DEAR+KATE

As I have readily admitted in a previous review I am a guy who, at 70, now finds an erection is no longer as automatic as it once was but who still finds beautiful women such a strong attraction that occasionally I have to succumb to temptation.
Having got the urge again, I looked at the feedback and even though she had limited reviews I decided that I would phone ' Dear Kate '.
The call was answered straight away and I arranged a meeting next night at her house with what sounded like a very pleasant young lady. As with the phone call all the texts to confirm the meeting and obtain the postcode and house number were replied to promptly.
The house is not a palace but is in a safe enough area and is kept very clean and tidy.
Kate opened the door, accepted my gift of roses with a kiss and we went upstairs, following her up the stairs, she was, I thought, a little larger than her photos suggested.
The envelope containing the money was left unopened on the bed side table, maybe I have an honest face.
Within a few minutes we were undressed on the bed and we were soon french kissing, Kate very enthusiastically returning the favour. As I have mentioned Kate was a little larger than I had been anticipating but, with Kate, that soon becomes a total irrelevance as she is so warm, friendly and a pleasure to be with. We had a session of  mutual uncovered oral and the feeling of her tongue stud flicking on the head of my shaft was wonderful.
I would think that on a cold winter night with the snow on the ground and the wind howling nothing would be much more pleasurable than to slip into bed with Kate and snuggle up against her, she is as I have said such a warm, friendly person.
After we lay for a while talking and it soon becomes apparent that not only is Kate a wonderful person to spend time in bed with she is also very intelligent, she has only been in the UK for about 14 months and has self taught herself English to a level that is surprisingly good.
For any older punter reading this I cannot recommend Kate too highly.
Would I visit her again ? ….. I certainly will …...

6 review(s) found for DEAR KATE linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline getonit

I had read a previous review from someone who was a regular visitor to her and was recommended. So , a few months back I called her and arranged a time with her and she sent me a text with the postcode. I arrived on time and sent her text that I was there. She sent one back say " where? " I sent one back saying " in your street"  then the reply left me gobsmacked , she said " Oh good that's great , I'm not a shop you need to make a booking , no booking no meeting"  . I tried calling back and texting but just silence. a 15 mile car journey for nothing , thanks a lot you looney.  Thankfully a plan B was one of the excellent diva's in masshouse who's maid is very good with comms but still involved another long journey back in brum. Just something to bear in mind when dealing with this one.

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