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Author Topic: Jessica 23 Baby  (Read 1097 times)

13 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2518607) (11 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline wonky

https://www.adultwork.com/2518607    https://www.adultwork.com/Jessica+23+Baby

As i've been working away a lot I thought I would catch up on some reviews in Wales.

I know she's not in the country at the moment but i've met Jessica twice now and although my experience was not 'good' I still went back for more and will do again in the future.

Firstly the location is the usual hungarian place down Cardiff Bay. Shoes off, quick shower etc etc. Jessica answered the door in civies but soon migrated into sexy undies after my shower.  She is very pretty and exactly my type, pretty face great body, fantastic tits etc.. You can see for yourself in the pictures.

My problem with the punts were that she said I was "too big"  :unknown: for sex so she was only willing to give me a blow job. I was pretty gutted and I suppose maybe I should of asked for some money back or something.. but she does give a great sloppy blow job.  My second visit I was hoping she might of changed her mind but no she remembered me and told me at the door that it would be bj only.. I was ok with that.

btw I dont think i'm that big and i've never been refused sex before!! anyway she still gets a positive from me  :cool:

13 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (11 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Redevil86

As I've said, not visited yet, but on my hot list and do plan to visit, read you report and was take aback that she refused you entry, this sounds buzzar to say the least considering her chosen profession, and been doing it at least a year and a half, so read back all her previous 7 reports and in most of the reports there is a problem with this, plus only one got any sort of dfk. I said on the sweet Carla thead don't expect anything out the ordinary just sex with beautiful young women but sorry, I do think the first thing on a list of things you would be expected to do in this job is to have sex with someone who has just paid you for said deed . Now I'm still going to give it a shot at some point but I know every time I think about visiting her I'm going to think of other girls that charge 100 to 140 and I know everything is freely no q's asked on offer, and there just the ones I've visited , will cross that bridge when I encounter it .

Offline wonky

you are right. i've never accounted refusal like that any time.. but she was really pretty.. I'm sure if I wanted to walk she would of let me.

The Hungarian girls are quite vanila but they are cheap and beautiful.

I think WelshBrunette is probably the best in wales for value for money and looks.. It would be great if some of the other girls look at WB as an example. It's supply and demand though.  people are obviously paying higher rates for lesser services so the girls can charge it.

I could name about 20 on my hotlist that are just too expensive so I dont use them.

But back to the point Jessica was my type and i'm biased hence the positive from me  :rolleyes:

Online Redevil86

True, if you realy like a girl for what ever reason we tend to forgive a lot, but I do slag the Romanians off for there tactics, in as much as you don't get what you payed for and to be honest you didn't get what you payed for, you may have enjoyed having what you were given but the Maine course was missing ! If you were in a restaurant you wouldn't have payed the bill. But thay know how to play us and it don't make it right, thinking I may take her of my h l now. And no it's not coz me dicks massive, if yours is average, me to, so I'm not risking it, Carla for me next visit.

It was touch and go with me, as I'm like a can of Pepsi she wasn't a happy camper I know what you mean, are you girthy? as she's not a fan of width

Fucked her once but got the too big excuse for round 2

Online pork sword

If she comes out with the 'too big' excuse during a meet is she happy to take a Fingering or is that a no go as well?

Online Redevil86

First time I've heard a w g not take a length but always check if a fingering is ok because some not too keen but also its not covered on to do list on profile, only being polite, as you do .

before I even started and muff dived I tried a sneaky finger combo and she stopped me, 'ah ah, no finger'

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