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Author Topic: KDD and Lindsey - Central London  (Read 879 times)

88 review(s) for MissKDD (88 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]
64 review(s) for Lindsey_xxx (64 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Was in two minds whether to write anything about this as both girls have been reviewed so much. But, fuck it, not only do they deserve the credit, I also feel like I at least want to put it down somewhere.

Firstly, after an initial cancellation due to issues outside of everyone's control, organisation was pretty simple. A time and place in central London was confirmed relatively easily with a final message on the day to ensure all was going ahead. Cost was £370.


I was a little nervous about a threesome as it was the first time I'd tried one. But, both girls put me at ease very quickly. There was lots of DFK to start followed my a great session of double blowjob/facefucking/rimming (returned to that situation several times as it was amazing).

After that I tried a range of stuff including dp and dv on KDD, with Lindsey using a strapon (porn stars make it look too easy). Also, spitroasting in different combinations, use of wands, a nice amount of spanking and face slapping (with hands and cock), plenty of anal on both girls along with a bit of squirting too. This was all finished with a nice double facial at the end. There was definitely more but some of it is a little bit of a blur, as to be honest the whole thing kind of blew my mind from start to finish...

Both KDD and Lindsey look great. No need to go over old ground here.
They also made me feel completely at ease with my first MFF
Both are enthusiastic with what they do and up for almost anything - this is crucial for me really. As I like facefucking, anal etc, it just wouldn't be the same if the long list of services wasn't available and delivered with such enthusiasm.


A great experience and one I'd go back for again if I ever have the chance. Highly recommended if you can get the two together.

64 review(s) found for Lindsey_xxx linked to in above post (64 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
88 review(s) found for MissKDD linked to in above post (88 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Oh yeh, sorry forgot about the links.

Offline poi

Good review Mr.Justanotheruser  :drinks: and thanks for sharing .  :thumbsup:

I hope to see KDD when she gets back from her holiday

Offline The Beano

Nice review Mr. J. Just arranged a meet with Miss KDD in the deep, dark dungeon. Keep an eye out for the review, assuming I don't get banned for touting!!

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