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Author Topic: Hayley-x-x (Eastleigh outcall) a ball busting session!!!  (Read 1917 times)

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Offline nigel4498

Seen that Hayley lives just a few miles from me and has been on my hotlist for ages I have never managed to arrange a meeting with her. This was mainly due to her studying and the the times I am free to punt. We just never seemed to be in sync.
Finally managed to arrange a three hour outcall at my place, early June for £310, bargaintastic.
My tastes are really vanilla but thought with Hayley I would indulge in a few things I have never got round to.
Hayley arrved early and I spotted her walking towards my place carrying her bag of goodies and all looked promising.
Hayley is such a beautiful young woman and a lovely figure to boot so, once inside and after chatting about what we would be doing it was off to the bedroom.
We both quickly stepped out of our clothes and after a bit a kissing and fondling I sat on the edge of the bed while Hayley knelt between my legs and gave me an exsquisite blow job. Now I had not punted this year so Hayley was the first since before christmas so she took a full load in her mouth and on her face. After she had cleaned up in the bathroom we had a break, (my recovery time) ate strawberry and cream, had a cup of tea and a chat about mutual friends.

Round two was meant to be Hayley in the sex swing, blindfolded and with ear muffs on for a bit of sensory deprivation ending with me fucking her in the swing. Before we got started I went to the toilet and noticed blood on the top of my thighs, (I had put my underpants back on while we ate) and on closer inspection it seemed to seeping through my ball sac :scare: Asked Hayley to have a look and of course we both decided that there would be no more ball and cock sucking and also no fucking  :cry:
Managed to stick some plasters on to stop the bleeding and we then continued with Hayley strapping herself into the sex swing.
On with the ear muffs  :music: and blindfold  :coolgirl: and began a bit of spanking Hayley with the paddle, first with the leather side and next with the satan side. Hayley gave out delightful little screeches during this. Left her hanging for awhile and crept upon her to suddenly suck a nipple and feel her tits and then go down and tongue her clit :P
Next got the hip whip out and just gently waved the thongs over her nipples and then over her labia and clit, slipped my fingers in her pussy and she was ripe for a fucking in that swing but alas was not to be  :unknown:
After that delightful little episode it was onto the bed again. I had bought Hayley a Labia Spreader and she inserted it to expose her clit and she began to insert various toys in her pussy. That had me hard again so Hayley finished me off with a hand job and I spunked over her tits., small consolation though.
Cant believe how fast three hours flew by so after Hayley had a shower we said our good byes

Once Hayley had left I packed my pants with tissue and thought that would stop the bleeding but everytime I went and checked the tissues were soaked in blood. After about four hours I took myself off to the A & E only to be told that I had burst a varicose vein in my testicle.(never knew I had one) This was cauterised and an appointment was made for me to have the vien removed. This was done last week and after ten days I am free to punt again.
Hayley has promised to test my balls out for me to make sure I have made a full recovery  :thumbsup:
This is still a positive for me despite what happened.
Hayley is so willing to try anything and such fun to be with.

PS, I even get a mention in her blog, fame at last  :dance:

71 review(s) found for Hayley-x-x linked to in above post (71 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline SteveW86

Hope it's all sorted now!

I have also been mentioned  in one of Hayley's blogs, something I'm proud of

Offline nigel4498

Did a test run today with a little Chinese girl in Southampton for 30 mins and all A-okay (review to follow)
Have a punt in Slough tomorrow too.  ;)

Offline lkiu6433

Nigel hope this isn't too personal a question but how did you end up bursting that vein in your ball? Is there anything you did to cause it as I can't think of anything more frightning then blood coming out of my genital regions...
Banning reason: Making threats

Offline nigel4498

Got no idea, apparently a weakness in the wall of the vein was the conclusion.
Not a pleasant experience at the best of times but during a punt with Hayley, how unlucky can one get?

Offline Davede

That is pretty unlucky and Sorry to hear about you busting your balls nigel but one good thing you will have a good reason to re book hayley...
You said it was a outcall at your place, did she bring her swing or was it yours? does it hang from the ceiling or is it on a frame, this bit sounds interesting


Offline purple_t

Super unlucky with the ball-bleeding mate especially nearish the start of a 3 hour session, but thankfully sounds like Hayley took it in her stride!

Offline nigel4498

You said it was a outcall at your place, did she bring her swing or was it yours? does it hang from the ceiling or is it on a frame, this bit sounds interesting

It was my sex swing attached to an upper body gym bar that fits over any door frame, the more weight you apply the more secure it is against the frame. Hayley was impressed by the ingenuity of it. :)

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