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Author Topic: fake profile. BigBustyBlonde1234  (Read 331 times)

Offline Thistle

 :hi: Just come across tis profile. www.adultwork.com/3068802  :bomb:

This has to be a pure wind up at those prices.  :unknown:

Usually when fake profiles pop up there's usually a private gallery for someone to cash in on.  :thumbsdown:
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Offline Thistle

Anal is 50p more
:D :D :D :D, As much as that,to expensive for that profile.    :unknown: :unknown:
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Yup, there's an AW alert on the profile now.  It's had all of 54 views in 3 days.  I bet the profile's about to disappear.  Just my luck, eh?  I was going to travel 400 miles up there to TOFTT (not really).

Offline Thistle

It only had 9 views when i came across it.  :crazy:
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Offline Ipunter

Does she come with a price promise?

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