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Author Topic: massage in Derby  (Read 1053 times)

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Offline Theman1

Booked Hotthaipenny after reading previous reviews, communication etc all very good, safe place located in city centre, unfortunately once I arrived at the apartment I did not fancy the WG, she seems rather worn out and well below my required standard, requested another WG unfortunately she also was below my requirments. Was only really looking for massage with a HE but a little attraction would have been nice, I declined both and left,
Don't let me put you off horses for courses I suppose. Met MoonieThai in Derby previously after reading reviews, she was very attarctive but I found her cold and unfriendly, she gave a good massage but due to her being cold I didn't request any additional services.

How punters experiences differ  :unknown:

If you met Timi at Moony Thai I'm surprised you found her unfriendly.
My meets have been with a giggly Thai girl who is very attentive and seems to enjoy taking care of you from start to finish.

Little kisses, assisted shower, lots of booty shaking and body wiggling while giggling.
Very strange.
But as guys we may desire different things from our girls and I don't doubt that WG's sometimes act differently for different guys.
I must be lucky  :yahoo:

No punting for me for about 2 weeks, far too many car bills and time off work while car fixed  :dash:

Offline Theman1

Timi at Moonietthai was a very attractive girl, just found her uninterested and very robotic but gave a decent massage. I am contemplating another go with Timmi may have caught her on a bad day may be, we can all have them. Looks and body wise for a Thai girl I'd give her a 8 out of 10 very sexy in a simple way.

Done loads of Thai/Chinese this year and she is the best looking and nicest body.

But possibly moving soon to London.

Massage with sex towards the end may not suit those looking for a full sexual experience and this was mentioned on another thread.
But it suited me.
But now I'm no longer looking for sex and massage with HE will be fine.

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