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Author Topic: Alicia in Wonderlandd or is she the Cheshire cat?.  (Read 323 times)

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You know the story of the little girl Alice or was she Alicia?, well is she was she and then there was that Cat the one who grinned and faded and then came back?.

Well we know a lady like that, she's not from Cheshire but perhaps a Polish relative?.

Intrigued as i was the other night and after some forum banter decided to pay her a visit. Well she could see me after the tea party she was at and Wunderlandd turned out to be some upmarket apartments off Chesterton High Street.

Well she grinned in an odd sort of way when she discovered the present i had for her in my right hand and we had a bit of a chat. She sure knows how to do that, in fact i told her a lot of things i read about her and she did seem surprised, she's never heard of UK punting!.

So I asked her does she like talking more than getting it on and she replied that she liked both and after some chat she just grinned and dropped that very elegant gown she was attired in and got rather close and friendly. Like two cats eyeing each other up she went for first bite, well suck rather and she did that very well albeit in an unusual way. More Pussy fun was had and then some more and then there was some real howling like ''twas Two in the morn!.

In conclusion?.

Very well worth seeing and a very attractive petite  interesting lady to talk to as well, found out we had a few topics in common. She did all that I wanted from her but despite the very pleasant room and surroundings it was too darned hot for very energetic goings on.

Would i return?, well yes but the cat is about to fade out again but tells me she will return in a while and all being well lets see of she's as good as I found her:-)..

 https://www.adultwork.com/3064210 or https://www.adultwork.com/Alicia+Escorttt

Well that link may/may not work, if it does fine if now try again in a whiles time;-/.

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