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Author Topic: Nataxa, Taunton, Bella's Latina  (Read 676 times)

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Offline JV547845

It was an OK punt, I enjoyed, I just can't recommend it.  Nataxa was very hot and sucked my balls.  She just looked nothing like her Jennifer Aniston esque modelling pictures and whispered that kissing was £20 extra in the heat of the moment.  I should've asked at the start, but at least now I know why latinas don't do DFK.  She was very tight during sex in miss, I popped almost instantly, but her foreplay was dreamy.  Post pop massage was very ordinary. 

Bella's have moved nearby Sainsbury's (not much discreter entrance) and the other girl working there (Laura? ) looked hot but nothing like her pictures either - I guess I should've decided based on appearances in the flesh instead of by the pics.  Damn latin american models.


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Offline JV547845

Pics are back on a new profile called Sabrina.  Could be OK but I'd expect a B&S https://www.adultwork.com/2276000.

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