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Author Topic: Sexy_Louise1990 and xxx-Ashlee-xxx - Warwick - Great Duo Booking - 10/10  (Read 913 times)

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Offline MrBridger

https://www.adultwork.com/2715825 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxx%2Dashlee%2Dxxx
https://www.adultwork.com/1158545 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%5FLouise1990

Incall Venue - Mid range hotel outside Warwick.
Time - One hour
Cost - £300

Both girls on my hotlist for some time and when I saw they were both touring locally, I couldn't resist booking them together.

Louise has not been reviewed on here for nearly a year and Ashlee reviewed only once (although maybe more than that under a previous profile). So here are my views:


As usual for this group, all by AW email to agree date time and location, until the day of the booking when A called me about half an hour beforehand (withheld number) to confirm I was on my way and then at the allotted time to give me the room number. It's an efficient system and no doubt weeds out timewasters but I'd prefer more personal contact pre-meet.


Probably the ideal in terms of discretion for daytime bookings if you're a middle aged man in a suit - busy hotel hosting lots of business meetings, always several guys outside on the phone, easy to bypass Reception to access the bedrooms. Room and bed were a little small for a threesome (particularly with someone as energetic as Louise!) but clean and quiet.

The Ladies

Profile pictures for both are completely accurate; in fact L is even prettier IRL than her photos suggest. She is naturally buxom but flat stomached, curvy with several tattoos and pierced nipples. A is unadorned by ink or piercings (other than belly button), has a glorious figure with smaller but no less beatiful natural breasts. Facially I don't see the Natalie Dormer resemblance, but she is very pretty. Profile ages seem accurate, both immaculate in beautiful lingerie, fully shaved, perfectly clean but unscented. Two of the most glorious arses you will ever see, particularly when viewed in stereo.

The Meet

Into the room bang on time, envelope on the side table, shower offered and accepted, quick back massage (optional) to break the ice before turning over to receive OWO mingled with kissing from both girls. Their clothes came off bit by bit, my hands wandering where they might and giving L's backside the odd slap, with her encouragement.

Both girls then on their backs while I fingered them in turn and gave A some oral attention. This followed by sex with first L and then A in doggy. While I was shagging L, I was kissing and fondling A who was kneeling up next to me. Change of condom to have sex with A, while L lay on her back next to us playing with herself. I couldn't hold out any longer and came hard into the condom.

Clean up and a quick break but the girls ensured that Little MrB was soon ready for more. Started with a mixture of blowjob, handjob and titwank from L while A sat on my face. L then climbed aboard in reverse cowgirl and then normal cowgirl while A used a small vibrator on herself.

Finally condom off for a second round of double OWO (both girls in the right position for me to finger them) until I had to admit that the second pop was not going to happen (it very rarely does).

Back in the shower, quick chat while I dressed and out the door again bang on time. I'm sure the girls must have been keeping an eye on the time but I never noticed.

Throughout the meet there was lots of kissing (from both girls) and cheekily dirty talk (mainly from L, athough A had her moments). It's fair to say that L ran the show, and I was quite happy to let her do so given what they were both doing to me. I never felt awkward or rushed, and I'm sure if I'd asked for something different (within their likes) that would have been fine.


A really excellent action-packed meet with two beautiful, friendly and raunchy women. Louise is very outgoing and massively enthusiastic. She was clearly intent on making it a pleasurable experience for me. Ashlee is a little quieter and TBH more my cup of tea in terms of personality as well as physically, but equally sexy and eager to please. It will be interesting to see what she's like on a one-to-one basis.

With hindsight it would probably have been better for me either to allow more time or to see each of them individually before going for the threesome, as the hour flew by without much opportunity to draw breath, and it would have been nice to have more time to chat and get to know them a little better, and/or to give either or both of them an orgasm. But that says more about me than it does about them, and is in no way a criticism.

Will I return? Abso-fucking-lutely. 


Banning reason: Spreading allegations against another punter because of personal dispute

10 review(s) found for xxx-ashlee-xxx linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)
17 review(s) found for Sexy_Louise1990 linked to in above post (16 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Loveit

Great review Mr B and so encouraging ahead of my meeting with Ashlee later this month. Cant wait.  :yahoo:

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