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Author Topic: Thai Best - stevenage  (Read 502 times)

Offline bobmiller

Anyone had the pleasure of this girl?? on my HL but wondered if its one to avoid


Are you serious ? On your hotlist? The profiles only been up a day!

Red alert on the front page !

Oh yeah and the obvious bit - BAREBACK PROVIDER - not ticked in error - she's actively promoting it !  :scare:  :bomb:  :bomb:  :bomb:

Don't think we have the full picture here !

Offline Thomas75

She was on my radar but she changed her profile yesterday, had one negative review and marked with AW alert! I would act with caution. However, it might be worth taking a punt for 30mins!? If you go for it please post a review!

Offline bobmiller

to be fair I hadn't noticed the registered date, but this profile has come on gone in stevenage regularly over the last month or two - hense HL

and have punted similar with good experiences in past, but will steer clear until anyone confirms all is ok

Offline Thomas75

Might be worth noting she has a friend in Stevenage offering similar services!



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