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I'm sure I'll be told in no uncertain terms to do a search on here.
However, I'm thinking of going to the T20 cricket in Worcester this Sunday and thought I'd include a quick punt before or after.

Needs to be within walking or short taxi distance of the ground/railway station, someone who works Sundays and preferably under 25, slim, small tits and a good fuck!  Seen a few on AW with reasonable feedback but there's nothing like local knowledge.

Probably a bridge too far but I thought I'd throw the question out.


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I have a feeling you are going to be disappointed my friend. I'll have a quick look at my list, and get back to you.


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You do realise Worcester is a punting desert don't you?

The only options I can think of who will be working Sunday are the Czech girls by the swimming pool.  Don't know whether they're any good though as the one I normally see will have gone home by then.

Your best bet would be to do an as search on the day I'm afraid.


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Well the only ones I have had experience with that are close to town are:

Miss Melanie might still be in Worcester on the day you need, and she works smack bang in the middle of town. or

There is also Tia Monroe who works a 5 min taxi ride away. or

Other than that I'm not really sure about ones meeting your criteria that I could recommend.

I have seen Gina: or a while ago, and she was quite lovely if Asians are your thing. A little mechanical, but she has an amazing rack, I mean really nice.

There are a few traveling girls that might interest you, such as: or
She seems to have good reviews, but I cant vouch for her quality at all.


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But bod is right, it's pretty barren here I'm afraid.

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Cheers guys, thought I'd found a possible - dirty english whore.
Well, the name says it all - lists bareback!  :scare:

Agreed, Worcester is a desert lol.

Ive not tried all the girls around yet but if you want to try out our local produce I would have to say xbustybexx simply for the enthusiasm and how good a fuck she is.
She is busty tho, states her age as 27and does have a few more pounds than others but ir sits well abd she does give a really good GFE service. She is about a 5 min taxi ride from the town center.

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Will give you run down of who I have seen in area!  - works near swimming baths - one of the czech girls, good punt, looks wise not the best and a little chubby and doesnt speak much english, but squirts loads - 4 times in half hour and blew my load twice in half hour as well, good owo and nice doggy fuck - unsure if works sunday but always has when available - same place as above - seen twice now, very sweet girl, again slighlty chubby and very short, but pretty and very friendly - great service - seems to enjoy it lots! owo (one of best had) loads dfk and reverse oral - however shes away now so prob not gonna be available!

Thats it city centre - seen few others but always been travelling ones in hotel

Little further afield - prob 5/10 min drive: - seen few times, prvt apartment - walking distance just up from asda - again little chubby (just realised I must have a thing  :yahoo:) nice friendly lady, dfk, owo, reverse oral and good service - not sure when available - again seen few times, own house in warndon villages (drive/taxi) and seen on a sunday, older lady and prob guessed little chubby - but service wise dirty as they come! anal, owo, fingering, reverse oral, toys - not found anything said no to yet and seems to enjoy it all!!

thats all seen - hope helps

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You could try Jenny ( who is one of the Czech girls nr the swimming pool - seen her 4 or 5 times and she is very busty and normally pretty enthusiastic.

There is Curvy Kim ( who is a big busty lady, very pretty, good OWO but always felt a bit rushed when I've seen her (bare in mind Worcester is a punting desert so you often end up returning to less than stellar ladies!)

Emelia Jayne named above is a very good service and verrry enthusiastic!

I really like Sweet Aaliyah (also referenced above) - she is on the short and chubby side but I think she's pretty and I love her (enhanced?) tits and she does a fantastic 30 minute teasing oral (without) and hand relief IME. She's not in town at the moment but suspect she might be by Sunday.

Miss Melanie (see above) works from a city centre hotel often with another lady (I think Tiffany at the moment: This small group used to work in St Johns and I saw Melanie and I suspect Tiffany there (though I think she had a different name then): Melanie is pleasant as said elsewhere and offers a decent service; Tiffany was so-so.

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Thanks guys, great response and a lot of ideas there.

Hi folks, I'm new here, but not new to punting. I'm a Worcester boy but usually play out of this area for discretion.

I've seen Horny Zena 1415411, she wasnt really my type physically, but in terms of enthusiasm and filth, I was shocked!! Now ive got exotic tastes and I've tried most things,  but I left feeling sexually broken ha ha. Absoloutly loves anal and she made me come again orally within a minute only 10 minutes after my first orgasm, incredible! As a one pop fella I was gobsmacked. Very nice lady too.

Also seen xbustybex 2592899, very pretty, a little larger than expected, but she carries it well and is a lovely girl next door type.

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so did you have a punt in the end sam55?

Offline Boundless

so did you have a punt in the end sam55?

I didn't in the end,after all your great ideas.

The weather forecast was dire so I didn't go to the cricket. It turned out that it was only a delayed start by 30 mins and they played right through. Doh!!

I shall hang on to the recommendations for next time.