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This review was meant to be a long while ago, meet her under another name in Tottenham green area, looks are the same, I was attracted by the tattoos, but the service was very basic in all means, and in all sides, BJ, SEX, fake moans, etc....

Will I return, No or 

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hi dude

can you give me more info on this person

does she do oral without

whats the service like

what does she offer etc

how is her oral etc

would be great hearing your info

im planning on seeing this one :)

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Hey, sure, her OWO was average, not much to tell, service was poor, better go to a soho walk up, and save the money...


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thanks for your reply

how long did you book her for

i was thinking an hour but not sure

she told my she does owo but does she do the full mac as she claims deep oral and golden globes lol