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Sexy Thai Annie
Late June 15 £90/ hr + deserved £20 tip

Being an occasional business traveller between outer London and the NW can have advantages despite the traffic.  After a long day of business events until so late I just crashed out, the next day was supposed to be a leisurely drive north. The “urge” came upon me of course.  In a scan of AW during a mid morning rest stop I saw the profile for Annie in Leicester. Since I was heading that way more or less – why not! A phone call was all it took. Communications were great and the girl sounded eager even though I told her that I was of the mature, grey-haired, type.  A post code was given first so I could find the general area via the Blessed Satnav and then on arrival I phoned even though 20 mins early.

“Come on in” was the message when I phoned.  Would anyone wait?  Good clean and very tidy place.  I had the impression there was another girl in the place but did not inquire – I am past 2 girl sessions.  Annie is a stunner.  As usual the door opened with her hiding behind. She is a “close your eyes and shake your head” good looker because you cannot believe your luck. Very, very attractive in a largely net Basque and high heels – and that was all.   Being greeted with arms around and a deep kiss is always the best sign of the time to come. My arms and hands went straight down to that gorgeous bum as I applied some gentle pressure on the more sensitive parts. And this was while we were still standing in the hallway.

I asked for a shower given that I had been driving a while on a warm day. Facilities were good – even I could control the shower temperature. I often have trouble with that because once specs are off for the shower I usually cannot see the **** controls.  Although we did not share the shower let us say Annie “helped” me take the shower by applying the net sponge to lather all the important bits and then spraying the rinse water and towelling me down. By then I was as hard-on as Hell of course.

I was led into the bedroom, as usual a bit too dim for my personal liking – on the bed with sun streaming through the window is my ideal. However, the place had good decoration and was impeccably tidy.  I was left to undress while Annie made me a coffee diluted with some cold water so that it was directly drinkable.  Initially we were just side by side on the bed for 5 mins with hands exploring and some kissing with tongues touching.   I am not a man to rush things and Annie said that her phone was off so we would not be disturbed for whatever time we took. That is a nice touch.

Oh she is sweet. She is very, very sweet. I like to give lots of Reverse Oral with as deep a tongue as I can get in a pussy and Annie allowed that to perfection by squatting over my face as my head was propped on a pillow. Could have stayed there all day. Very smooth (no stubbles) and very tasty.  Annie then turned to 69 and gave me a great OWO for what must have been 5 mins. SLOW and sensual as I asked so that I would not cum too soon – being a single shot guy. A turn around again with Annie between my legs and the pillow under my bum. The OWO was then her teasing tongue tip from below the scrotum all the way up.

Excitement increased and we came close together with me trying to use my tongue to make Annie climax. She made all the noises and movements so maybe.  On with a rubber then blissful penetration in mish. Slow but firm with full withdrawal and then re-penetration many times. A few squeaks from Annie because I am not small. Other positions were offered but I like a face to face scene so the only variation was to put her legs over my shoulders and then finally on our sides in “spoons” position to finish.

No rush after finishing, just on our sides fingering and caressing for quite a while and playing with the toys  The fingering included Annie giving me a delightful prostate massage. That is not shown on her AW profile but believe me she knows how to do it.  Annie was relaxed and so was I so why rush.  Finally time for another shower and for me to be on my way north again. 

I guess we over-ran the scheduled hour by nearly 30 mins (inc the shower times). Annie made no comment about that but I guess the offered pair of silky knickers and £20 was adequate.

Summary: Highly recommended. One of the best long hours I have had. The time was totally non-rush. Annie is a very attractive girl who knows how to do the usual things to perfection and who is willing to experiment with any other sensible moves that you suggest.

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Thanks for the review and sounds like a great punt. Where in the city is she based?