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x sexy-gemma x
Price: £140/1Hr incall
About 7min walk from train station

I meet Gemma a couple of weeks back but have a few minutes so thought I best do a review.

Gemma was located in a nice block of flats about 7mins walk from the train station, there was also parking out the front as well. I think if she goes back to Basingstoke she will be in a different block as she didn't like the flat much.

Turned up and met at the door by Gemma, she was wearing a bra, thong and high heels. Drink offered and into the bedroom.

We had a little chat and started kissing, Gemma is definitely a DFK girl which was nice. Both undressed and I moved down for some RO and rimming. She tasted lovely, I spent a little while down there and only finished after she had cum.

Now Gemma started to give me a blowjob, good technic and nice and deep at times. After a while she suggested a condom and I agreed.

Gemma slipped on the rubber and hopped on top, she was giving me a good riding for a bit before we switched to doggy. I  started giving her a good pounding which went on for a while when I did pop I knew that I was truly done and won't get anything else done in the last 10mins so just had a shower and then a nice chat with Gemma.

I would recommend if you are in the same area as Gemma but after my recent punts think she is a bit pricy at £140 for the hr seeing as I had Steph-xo-xo for 1hr with anal for only £10 more.

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Offline Steely Dan

For those too lazy to link, this refers to Camberley, GU15.


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Saw her today.

Nice looking girl, good body - and eager to please.

A little vanilla for my tastes but then that's my fault not hers.

If you want a GFE then go for her

Offline Sorted

Yep pretty lovely girl and fab GFE for me. Vanilla yes, boring plank 100% no, would see again no problem.

Offline Danj89

I saw her when she first came to basingstoke and it was an amazing punt, saw her again a few weeks back but couldn't do round 2 (my fault not hers) great gfe.