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I received such atrocious service from this "french" girl that I deemed it in my best interests to out her for venting purposes!

To begin with she says she's french Romanian! A combination that should have sent alarm bells ringing but after a cracking session with meganrose89 last week my cock got the better of me.

Secondly, I could tell she was trying to finish me off early when she was blowing me.

Thirdly, 15 minutes into the punt she actually had the cajones to suggest I should cum. This is what really pissed me off. After paying £70 the last thing I expect is to be told what I should or shouldn't do! All action ceased at this point. We exchanged a few words where the b word was dropped a few times but absolutely no violence or aggressive behaviour took place.

Fourth, she's hairy. When she is on top you can actually feel her hairs on your thighs.

Avoid. This is second Romanian girl I've seen who has produced a performance that is simply unacceptable. I learned my lesson the first time found and swore never to see a romanian again. I knew Spanish and Italian meant Romanian, I now know to include french in that category as well.

And just because I'm so pissed off I'll also mark her down for the state of her flat. It is a dump.
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One thing I really must say is when are folk gonna learn not to go and see these skanky fucking Romanians, hate to sound like a heartless bastard but what did you expect, she's a fucking Romanian, universally recognised as the lowest form of pond scum in the punting world.

I've never seen any Sex Worker from Eastern Europe and I don't think I ever will  :hi:

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To be fair, there is no way from the profile that the guy could have sussed the Romanian connection.
We should only be grateful to him for coming on here and putting us wise to the bitch. 

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Hmmm maybe...

However when you see an escort claiming to be French, German, Greek, Italian or Spanish you tend to have an inkling that they're an EE, no matter how good they look I wouldn't take the risk.

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She looks stuck up. And I'll be honest here, hairy ladies give me the boak. Doesn't do it for me at all. Nothing better than a smooth puss.  Christmas I went to rim a lassie once, (civvie) and her ass hole had a few hairs on it.  Fucking rank. I certainly wouldn't pay for it. When not stated, I sometimes ask the ladies in advance on the phone what the 'pubic situation' is. Believe it or not some don't like the question, as it's too personal.  Well sorry hen, but if I'm renting your vagina for a while, I should get an idea of what to expect.
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You are a life saver mate. Been looking into her profile today and the reviews seemed OK (on Escort-Scotland) so I was about to make the plunge.


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I agree with it.  Romanians should be boycotted.  If we all refuse to see these stupid and ignorant girls, I am sure AW will improve a bit.
I now, by principle do not even consider to see a Rumanian, Spaniards or Italian and Brazilians.  So Beautiful UK girls...go on let me know where you are! :manhater: :scare: :diablo:


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Don't a lot of Romanians pretend to be other EE so you will make a booking?
Think they say text only and no calls as they don't want you to realise by their accent that they don't speak any English.........

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They say that they're Italian, German, Spanish, Greek etc, basically anything but Romanian because they know just how bad a rep they have, wouldn't surprise me one bit if some of the 'Russian' and 'Polish' escorts were actually Romanian.

As I said before, I wouldn't even consider seeing an EE, never in a million years, maybe if she was a hot Pole or Ruski with great feedback and who was genuine then maybe but there's no fucking way I would risk my own pocket money on some Romanian skank and it bevggars belief that so many guys on here are more than happy to continue seeing them.


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Maybe the ones that visit Romanian ladies like to live life on the edge?, who knows :D