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Has anyone had the experience of seeing this girl? or

Saw her profile crop up in the Stevenage area and wondered if she was worth taking the plunge? Certainly seems like she provides a good time judging by her profile. But obviously they can be misleading sometimes ...
Hence me asking for advice

Did you go for it Danny? I texted, and there was availability, but I didn't like the location on this occasion (Tower Block - I totally shit myself about them!)...she said next time likely a different location.

Of course, no idea if she is worth it....unless someone here had the pleasure?

Tried. Didn't manage it 'cause she booked up so fast, and once I'd got out of work, the best she could offer was a fifteen minute-appointment. Neither of us felt that was going to be worth it, so gonna try next time she is in town.

She seemed very nice on the phone, so I will certainly try next time. Gutted I didn't get to meet her this time.

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I saw her in Hemel last week. I personally thought she was great. Pretty, slim, great arse. Plenty of dfk, owo, ro, etc
Will definitely see her again next time she's in the area. Seemed up to try most things and was a very friendly young lady