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For those who remember Karin Star this is her.  Terrible punt too rushed moody look about her throughout.  Saw this girl about 2yrs ago when she worked as Karin in Chinatown.  Really don't know why I didn't walk when she opened the door.  Punt was just as bad when I first saw her.  Advertised as 28 back then, now says 23??.  Works in digbeth now same place as Beautiful Anna.  No kissing, owo no sole what's so ever.  She has got a cracking body for someone her age.  I'd say she looks early 30's

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Lol how the hell can she bill herself as Teen lucy ??? AW profile states 23 but in reality according to UKP members she is early 30s! Teen my arse  :dash:

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I reviewed her back in December. I don't remember the punt very well, but from my review, I said I didn't get OWO or FK; and I mentioned her being very aware of the time. No idea why I gave it a positive- guess I was easily pleased back then. These days, I would consider that worthy of a negative.

Another quote form my review "Age of 25 probably accurate, she could pass for 20/21."  :lol: I'm rubbish with ages.


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Looks like she would qualify for ' fuckin a midget ' if thats on anyones bucket list :(