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I've seen Jenny on several occasions over the last year (at least 4, possibly 6), and took the opportunity to catch up with her again this week in her new location - I'll review based on this visit, but really all visits have been pretty similar. I visited for 1 hour at £100.

Her new location in WGC is in a modern clean apartment and discrete. You can park on the street, but I parked a 5 min walk away (other side of the roundabout) to be more discrete. To be honest, I preferred the old location near the Galleria, as so easy to just blend in, but can't have any complaints, and my understanding is that Jenny is fully independent in this location, which is much better all round of course.

I'll confess I have a bit of a weakness for Jenny as a favourite of mine (hence the repeat visits). This is really based on the usual things of :

personality / attitude - always seems genuinely pleased to see me, is cheerful, funny, good conversation.
Services - I'm conventional (I think) but all my favourites provided (OWO, RO, multiple positions, good kissing).
Attractiveness - always very sexily turned out with killer heels. Love her red hair and facially she is very pretty. Her AW photos are accurate.

But on each of these categories Jenny is well above the norm and makes for always a very intense but relaxing meeting.

On this visit Jenny welcomed me on like an old friend , offered me a drink (had water, on other occasions we have enjoyed wine together), and I prepared myself while she got the drink. On this occasion , short conversation of pleasantries before we pretty much got down to it. Plenty of kissing and fondling before I went for some RO - very pleasant and Jenny seemed to enjoy herself. Onto my back for some OWO, before more kissing and fondling. Then sex on several positions with a shuddering conclusion. Everything perfect I would say.

Plenty of conversation afterwards on a variety of topics and had a good relaxing laugh. Jenny seemed even more relaxed than normal in her new place, and when I left I had the feeling of time very well spent.

So, great meet again, Jenny is a great girl and very consistent based on my multiple experiences. She seems pretty honest too, which I know is subjective, but is a personal opinion. I will certainly be back if possible .

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Offline andyrou

Hi Hertsgent, great review as always, she looks fantastic and now I know you have recommended her I will be booking when I'm next near that neck of the woods.

Sounds like she's a breath of fresh air as some Romanians get bad press on here. Does she speak good English ? Her tits look edible, how tall would you say she is?

Sorry for too many questions.

Regards  AR

Very good English I would say, and has got better over the months - only struggles if you talk too fast ( which I do sometimes). I think she is doing extra English classes too for the future, so all good there.

Height - if you like leggy then she is not for you. I reckon about 5 foot, but then wears 6 inch heels. Height isn't a key feature for me - I'm just under 6 foot and enjoy tall or short (although might draw the line at a dwarf unless I was feeling particularly kinky). I've always marvelled at how Jenny fits perfectly on top actually, but that's another story....

Make sure you leave some tits remaining for the rest of us, and hope you enjoy the punt if you partake.

I was puzzled that my positive review didn't show up but see she says on her profile that her old profile was hacked and so she is now on this profile, there was another girl using the old profile but this is the girl I saw.


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Well..........she's just snogged my face clean off, then snogged it back on again.

Review to follow in a day or two.

What a little honey.


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Well..........she's just snogged my face clean off, then snogged it back on again.

Review to follow in a day or two.

What a little honey.

I have heard Romanian girls don't like kissing, so reading this is a real surprise.


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Imagine my surprise, then.

All initiated by her.

Been to see her again since then, it wasn't a one-off. She just seems to like kissing. A lot.