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Author Topic: Madagascar - Edan Antananarivo  (Read 1009 times)


Been here lots of times.
Good looking women with great figures.
Never asked for full sex, but happy ending and OWO are fine.

In UK rates it was about £25.00 for 1 hour with OWO.
Great value, but I only had 1 girl who really gave great OWO.
Others were OK but needed a little leading, likely lack of experience.

Offline Jerboa

Ok and what about Madagascan punting in general? Fill us in.

I was there for 5 days in Antananarivo.
Hammered the Edan massage :)
Great choice of lovely women who changed daily, I was going twice a day a few times.
Filled my boots as you say.

We were at Morondava too for 2 days and 1 night, you need a police escorts to get away from being mobbed by hoards of women in bars there.
You can have a girl for the night for as little as £15.00
I did not have full sex there. Just OWO and massage.
This ranges from about £7.50 to £15.00 for just massage and extra £10.00 for OWO.
They were not keen on CIM it seemed.

Only been once, but I am looking at a return trip in the near future.
I can't advise on punting there really, but some of the women are stunning, a mix of African/Indonesian making them lighter skinned than Africans with a hint of Oriental in their features.
It's blindingly obvious prostitution and sexual massage is widely available everywhere.
White westerners are seen as wealthy even if your not, and women throw themselves at you in bars.
Very cheap, but bare in mind that it could also be risky in relation to STD's
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