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Offline willabe

I have wanted to try a proper "squirter" for some time and after meeting a number of girls who state they do on their profile but don't seem to be able to deliver in the meeting, i decided to go all out for a session with Rochelle. 

Her feedback seemed good and her photos looked pretty good to, so i thought all was good.

Comms were ok, if a little confusing re the actual address.

When she opened the door, i realised why her pics dont include her face.  She is no oil painting and wears a hefty amount of make up too.  Probably should have left there and then but decided fuck it, it has taken me 90 minutes to get here and i am here for one reason, to get the full squirt treatment, so stayed. When she took her dress off and apologised for putting on a few pounds (oh dear!!) ..... most of this was around her tummy, her ass wasnt too huge and her tits were pretty good, so i just though lets just do it.

In fairness to her she was nice enough and the lack of beauty was the main reason that this meeting could not be called positive, otherwise she was easy to talk too, and very responsive to everything we did.  She did squirt at least 5 or 6 times in just over an hour which was pretty impressive.  She was also keen to make sure i was satisfied too.  Her BJ wasnt too deep but ok and apart from CIM and facials she is up for anything. 

Would i go back again.... no.  I guess if you are paying to fuck someone, (no matter what their skill set) they have to be at least as attractive as someone you would normally be able to bed fuck for free. 

Live and learn!

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Online HughJardon

Thanks for the review Willabe, I put the feelers out on this yesterday.
Based on your review I'l give it a miss