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I saw Sandra at the weekend and had an amazing time with her. The below is pretty much a cut and paste of the adultwork field report I wrote on her.

The Venue:

Sandra was working from a rented apartment in central Swindon. The place was straightforward to find and it was easy to park in the surrounding streets.

The flat itself was accessed via a shared communal intercom from the street and then had its own private entrance inside. It seemed discreet and felt safe.

The flat seemed fairly basic but it was clean and tidy. Sandra had prepared the bedroom with soft lighting and background music to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

About Sandra:

I'd initially emailed Sandra on the Thursday before the punt. The email was read but not replied to. I followed up with a phone call on the Friday to make arrangements.

Communication by phone was very good - she speaks good English and a meet for the Saturday was easily arranged. There were also a few follow up text messages to confirm postcode and dress requirements to which I received with prompt replies. I'd asked Sandra if she could dress in the basque and stockings from her adultwork profile picture.

On the day of the punt, Sandra was dressed exactly as requested and looked even better in the flesh than in her pictures. She has a very pretty face, beautiful eyes, a slim figure and she looks great in lingerie. She's gorgeous.

She seemed a little nervous at first, understandable since its the first time she'd met me. Once she (and I) had settled in though, I found her to be very friendly and attentive. Thoroughly pleasant company.


The services provided exceeded my expectations. I was essentially looking for GFE - French kissing, OWO, sex in multiple positions and she certainly delivered.

I didn't try everything on her profile list but I have no reason to believe it is inaccurate in any way.

I turned up on time and Sandra was ready for me. She let me into the flat and stepped out from behind the door dressed exactly as I had requested in red basque, stockings and heels. She looked absolutely stunning - I knew from the first moment that I had made a great choice in seeing her. She stepped in close for a welcome french kiss and then led me through to the bedroom which had been prepared with soft lighting, candles and background music. A little more french kissing ensued and then we got the paperwork out of the way. Sandra offered me a choice of drinks and use of the shower. I was freshly showered from home so opted only for a glass of water and Sandra disappeared off to the kitchen to fetch it.

On her return Sandra came and joined me standing at the foot of the bed. I wanted to admire her in her lingerie as she truly did look amazing. She seemed a little nervous at first and so we french kissed some more - she is a great kisser and we caressed each other through our clothing before moving onto the bed.

I began to make my way down her body to play with her breasts. Sandra asked if she could remove the corset as it wasn't comfortable and I allowed her to do so. She has beautiful breasts - pert with slightly puffy nipples and responsive to the tongue. I alternated between kissing them and her mouth for a bit until she decided she wanted to undress me.

Sandra removed my shirt and undid my jeans, caressing my cock as she did so. I was already hard. I took over and removed the rest of my clothing before rejoining her on the bed. She asked if I preferred oral with or without. I asked for without and she moved down to take me into her mouth.

Sandra's oral technique feels great with plenty of eye contact too. I lay back and enjoyed it for a few minutes before she moved her body round so I could rub her pussy through the material of her knickers. After a few minutes of this, Sandra paused the oral to remove her underwear and give me unfettered access before resuming where we left off. I played with her pussy whilst she continued to give me oral but I don't think she was overly enjoying it as she would flinch occasionally as if my nails were catching her. I suggested I give her oral instead.

Sandra lay back on the bed and spread her legs for me and I moved round to go down on her. She was lovely and wet and seemed to enjoy receiving it as much as I did giving, with plenty of appreciative moaning and writhing on the bed. After a fair while of this I moved back up the bed and suggested she apply the condom.

Sandra sucked me again briefly to get me fully hard and slipped a condom onto me before climbing on top in cowgirl position. From there we proceeded to missionary, doggy, spoons, speedbump, reverse cowgirl and more missionary. She's a very active participant and seemed eager to try different things. She also continues to indulge in lots of french kissing when the position allows it. I'm not particularly fit and she completely exhausted me. I still hadn't cum though so suggested she finish me off with more oral and hand relief.

I lay back on the bed again and Sandra removed the condom from me and went to take me in her mouth again. I asked if it was ok if I played with her pussy again given that she didn't seem to enjoy it much before and she said it would be ok if I used a condom on my fingers or she had a toy I could use. I asked for the toy and she produced a large pink vibrator for me to use on her. Sandra went back to sucking on and wanking my cock whilst I slipped the vibrator into her and began to play. She seemed to enjoy this very much and things got more and more intense for both of us. Sandra's moaning and bucking on the toy was a massive turn on for me and I was soon ready to cum. Sandra took me between her breasts and I exploded all over them. Mindblowing!

After a minute or so to come down, she handed me a box of tissues ad wet wipes and excused herself to the bathroom to clean herself up. Afterwards she asked if I wanted a shower which I accepted.

I rejoined Sandra on the bed after my shower and we had a nice relaxed chat interspersed with plenty of caressing and more of that fine french kissing. She no longer seemed nervous around me and I found her to be thoroughly pleasant company and good conversation.

After a while I asked her how we were doing for time and she checked and said we had about twenty more minutes. I asked for more oral which she was happy to provide. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to cum again but the oral felt fantastic and after about 10 minutes of it I suggested I finish myself off whilst she played with my balls. Sandra moved back up to lie alongside me on the bed and with one hand reaching down and caressing my balls, she pressed her body in tight to me and kissed me passionately whilst I wanked. It didn't take long for me to cum a second time, a rarity for me these days. Again, she handed me tissues and wet wipes to clean myself up.

A little more french kissing to wind down before time was up and Sandra said it was time to get dressed. She didn't rush me though. I got myself ready to leave and after one final round of kissing and admiration of her still stockinged legs, she showed me to the door. I left a very happy man.


She's beautiful, amazing service and seems to really enjoy her work. Completely blew my mind and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. I very much hope I get the chance to see her again.

9 review(s) found for HOT SANDRA HOT linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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