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Author Topic: Brunette Barbie Brook - London SW3  (Read 1574 times)

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Had to take a trip to a very well known building on Sloane Avenue this weekend after reading up of this girl being on tour in London.

I have to be honest gents, I'm a huge sucker for big tits and tattoos!! So when I read Illya Kurakin's review of Brooke and realising that:
She was on tour in London for 3 days only.
Has massive 32GG natural melons  :scare:
Has tattoos.
Delivers a Tit Wank special  :yahoo: :wacko: I knew I had to fill my boots and get myself booked in. So I emailed Brooke on Saturday morning and by lunchtime I had an hours visit booked in for the afternoon. Sent a booking request on Adult work, was emailed the address and now was ready to go.

£150 for the hour.

So I rocked up to the famous building near South Kensington. Parking costs £4.60 for an hour and is in operation Monday - Saturday from 8:30am - 6:30pm. No pay by phone service in the area so drivers have your coins at the ready! Strolled into the building and got into the lift and knocked on Brookes door. Was welcomed by a smiling Brooke who has light brown hair which flows just past her shoulders wearing a set of hold-ups and a set of matching undies which was struggling to contain her ample breast's. Would rate her face a 7/10 and her body an 8.5/10. Had a kiss and sorted out the monies. Was offered a shower but declined due to having one prior to my arrival.

Started off with a long bout of DFK with my hands wandering all over her body but ending up inevitably on me releasing her charms for me to see. I smiled and told her that these were the biggest pair of natural tits I've ever seen and felt. She smiled and then got down on her knees to give me a pretty awesome deep throat blow job with lots of teasing and ball licking, all aided with a big mirror so we could both get a different view on things. Brooke could tell I was getting excited so she decided to show me the main event, so out came the baby oil and in the cleavage my dick goes for a Tit wank special which had me creaming her tits with a big load of my man juice  :cool: :dance:

Brooke went off to the bathroom to clean herself up and when she returned she was already going through her belongings to give her "Magic Wand" a go. She was getting really into pleasuring herself and I felt obliged to help her get off by gently stroking and nuzzling on her nipples whilst receiving some more top notch oral. I then gave her some RO and soon I was ready to go for round 2, so on with the mac and Brooke wanted to go on top where she initially controlled the pace but soon allowed me to take over with some hard fucking. Switched it up to doggie style gave her ass a spanking and seeing her tits bounce around in full view of the mirror is something that I'm still getting flash backs now while writing this review. I told Brooke that I wanted to give her a facial so Brooke got down again and with a mixture of oral and her tugging at my knob relentlessly I came again on her face and gave her tits a coating for good measure too!!

Had a clean up and a chat about a few things and found out Brooke will be coming back to London on July 1st for another tour. Fill your boots gents because I certainly will be when she returns :) :)

https://www.adultwork.com/2868644 or https://www.adultwork.com/BrunetteBarbieBrooke

31 review(s) found for Charlotte Taylor linked to in above post (27 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Great review! Gonna try and see her when she comes back to London.

I can't wait for her to get back to Gateshead. I've tried to replicate her TWS with 2 different girls since she left, even bought my own baby oil, unfortunately they weren't in the same league as Brooke's and both times we had to change from tit-wank to tit-fuck for me to finish. Hurry up and send her home boys.


Offline johnny34

Great review of a great girl, can't wait for her to return to the NE.


Thanks - I'm sold - tit wank - facial, deep throat BJ, DFK and lots of toy play - what else would you want ???

Booked for her London tour next week - I need 2 hours to do as much as possible from her likes list.



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