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    Author Topic: Japanese WG, Notts area?  (Read 565 times)

    Got Japanese on my bucket list. After watching a few on Xhamster I'm ticking off the odd noise these girls seem to make.  :wackogirl:
    Got to be Japanese, Thai certainly do NOT float my boat.  :vomit:

    Any recommendations?  :thumbsup:

    Online RedKettle

    Long standing aim for me as well - search Japanese on AW but only a couple of hits and in London.

    Online CoolTiger

    As RK mentions above, Japanese girls are rare, and if available, they tend to be mostly in the capital.

    I've only ever met one Japanese Wg, at LMP Parties a few years ago.

    If any WG claims to be Japanese, take it with a pnch of salt, unless she has been confirmed to be Japanese by fellow punters on here.

    Offline peiyee

    You won't get them here. Even in London they are rare now - all the j chicks if knchucks you see advertised are bait and switch mainland Chinese girls. I have posted on p net on thus and if you search you can be better informed. I use to have Ako in Lonfon and she would come to Nitts but that's going back 10 years now/ she has returned to Osaka.

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