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Author Topic: Any chance this is xxxchloe555xxx ?  (Read 744 times)

Offline Placebo88

Just found this profile in an AW search, think she is only recently ( back ) in the area as haven't seen it before.

https://www.adultwork.com/2644476 or https://www.adultwork.com/X+%7E+Chloe+%7E+X

Have read good things on here about a xxxchloe555xxx who used to work in the area.This girls says she is returning and was wondering if she could be the same person.There are face shots in her PG but I have never seen xxxchloe555xxx or any photos of her so cannot make an ID.
If it is it would probably already have been big news on here but would be grateful for confirmation one way or the other.Thanks.

Offline azrael

From what i read a while back chloe55 gave up being a wg for a civvie job, but she retired before i started punting so it would be nice to see if this is her, back then she was regarded as one of the best wg's in birmingham 

Deffo not her which is a good thing or I would be broke by next week. Chloe was just a really lovely girl and so enthusiastic, wish there were more around like her nowadays as it is grim finding an independant English girl who works nights

Offline smiley9

No def not her I had the pleasure of xxxchloe555xxx when she was with Midlands Hunnies and when she became Independent and she was size 8 not 12. Wish she would return a lovely girl :)

Offline pianodave

No not her, and not even similar. We were really spolied by the likes of chloe. There is not one girl as good in the area now, not a single one. It's so grim. It would just take one enthusiastic english girl to start up and she would clean up.

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