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Author Topic: Lovely Tery - Birmingham  (Read 1381 times)

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Tery is a Czech girl who works from the same appartment as Amanda & Lia.  She's been on my HL forever, but was always overlooked until another UKP member recommended her as a passionate encounter.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I'd hoped and not entirely due to my elevated expectations.

https://www.adultwork.com/2525779 or https://www.adultwork.com/LOVELY+TERY

70 - 1hr (extremely good VFM)

Quick Summary.

Good comms.
Attitude; friendly, engaging, funny and accommodating throughout.
Service: DFK, from start to finish. OWO, RO, fingering.
Enthusiastic sex.
Not a clock watcher.

Look: Body is a little saggy.  She also has nicotine stained teeth.
FK: strong taste of a smoker.
BO from pits (so hadn't showered)

Detailed Info.

Comms 10/10
Texted 30min before immediately received text saying ok.  Been there before so knew the address.  Texted when I got there and was texted to come up.  Actually got the door panel to work!!!

Where 7/10
Modern appartment. Nice shower, clean towels.  Small room.  Well lit.  No mirrors.

Who 5/10
Generally a nice looking lady with a sexy body, but as I'm being critical to help others decide, I'd say she was probably once soft and sexy but is now a little saggy and starting to succumb to gravity.  She's not fat imo and her tits are a nice size but are also a little saggy.  They do have large prominent nipples though.  Her teeth need sorting out as they are quite stained from smoking, which is a little off putting.  AW age is a bit conservative,  I'd say at least mid 30's.  Height is around 5'7".  Unfotunately her mouth tasted like all heavy smokers mouths do when they don't use mouthwash.  Not good at all.  I've never smoked, have a healthy diet and impeccable hygiene, yet I still use mouthwash before seeing a WG.  There's no excuse for her not doing so and I think it shows a certain disregard for the punter.  In addition, after coming up from RO to suck her tits (RO was strangely fine, btw),  I noticed BO coming from her armpits and it didn't smell at all fresh.  Didn't really think about it at the time, but if she didn't wash her pits she probably didn't wash her tits either.  I'm not squeamish, but heres hoping the previous guy didn't decorate them.
Surprisingly, I still found her attractive, but then I'm greatly influenced by a girls attitude.

Services 7/10
Everything on her list is included.  I had DFK, OWO, RO, 69.
DFK throughout. Great apart from the taste.
OWO was quite good, but only just above average.  I've had better and worse.  I was hoping for CIM (included), but it didn't really do it for me.  No DT, I asked and she apologetically refused, but as it's not even listed, it's fair enough.
Sex was good enough.  Various positions.  Mish, CG, Doggy, Prone.  At times she seemed genuinely into it and at others the moans seemed a little rehearsed although understated, not OTT.  I sometimes wonder whether the WG is thinking that some noise is preferable to silence.  Anyway she was always relaxed and happy to do as I wanted.

Attitude 10/10
Extremely friendly and genuinely a pleasure to spend time with.  Her English is probably not quite as good as Amanda's or even Lia's but she more than makes up for this in personality.

Conclusion 6/10
I like Tery.  She provides a good service has a great attitude and while you are there you have her undivided attention.
This would have been a positive but for questionable general and oral hygiene.
If she sorted this out I would probably see her as a plan B as the VFM is hard to argue with, but as it stands, I don't think I will.

Judging by Trevors recent encounter with Lia, perhaps standards are slipping.

3 review(s) found for JENNY.TERY linked to in above post (0 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Trevor12

BO and bad breath are huge turn offs. As punters who arrive clean and with fresh breath, the very least we expect is the same effort on her part.

Thanks Billy

I have to say I have had all of the girls that work out of this building and I have enjoyed every punt there.  So much so that I rarely go elsewhere.

I have simple tastes and I'm usually a bit quick off the mark which makes round two a bit difficult even after a little bluey.

I find Tery a lovely person to be with.  Being a partaker of the evil weed I probably never noticed the smoking but I would always freshen my mouth up with a mint before arriving for a punt.

As for the other girls I can only judge as I found them but the only one I found I did not get on with that well was Amanda.  Whether it's the false tits I'm not sure - I just felt she just went through the motions and I couldn't manage another pop.

Other than that I find the other girls good to be with.  Dark Alex really turns me on she is a lovely kisser.  Sandy has a really nice body to suit my taste but I find her kissing a bit sloppy.  Both Lia and Tery I liked Lia is probably prettier and has a nice figure her small tits are Ok and her nipples very suckable but a bit too petite for my liking.

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