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Author Topic: Norwich Escort  (Read 1294 times)

Offline Anders

Has anyone seen this Lady www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2422384 in Norwich.Her feedback is a little old and I wonder if anyone has seen here. many thanks Anders

Haven't seen her Anders but her profile looks a bit suspect to me. Ten feedbacks between April and July 2014 and since then nothing. Rubbish photos, 2 credits for her very limited private gallery and the whole profile has a cold feel to me. There's nothing there that would get me excited about contacting her. But it's up to you.
Good luck.

Offline Anders

Tahnsk for that, it was what I thought


Offline scott80

I exchanged some emails with her and I can tell that she was quite polite and lovely. Unfortunately her services were quite limited for my taste so I had to pass.

Offline Anders

Yes I found her the same, but she still has no feedback and that is why I am cautious.

It's not unusual for a WG to move her profile to a different location like London where the profile will "diappear" into the crowd if she is having a rest but doesnt want to lose it completely. Maybe thats what she did and had a year off. Her feedback looks reputable (from guys with good feedback themselves from some well known WGs) but the rate at £150 v services is probably the reason her feedback will stay low. I wouldn't even consider a 30 minute meet at £100  :scare:

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