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Author Topic: Samantha Kiss X Kings Lynn  (Read 955 times)

1 review(s) for Samantha Kiss X (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

www.adultwork.com/2058322 or https://www.adultwork.com/Samantha+Kiss+X

Emailed this prossie on Monday to see if she had any appointments either that day or Tuesday. To date I have received four emails from her - one asking if I could do evenings (no, I prefer daytime), another asking if I could do weekends (no, I can't) another saying she could do daytimes with a tiny bit of notice and then the final one (so far) apologising for not answering my original query and she isn't available at all today and could make half an hour tomorrow. I think this woman misses the fucking point. I am not interested in when she's NOT available I want to know when she IS available. She obviously only reads and answers emails in the mornings (between 8 and 8.30 in my experience). The stuff in the last paragraph on her profile is obviously complete bollocks.
Yet another prossie with piss poor comms, false promises on her profile and clearly couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.

1 review(s) found for Samantha Kiss X linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline James999

Her profile says she's 48, as such she's probably in her 60's and as such after answering a few e mails she probably needs a little nap  :sarcastic:

Sent her an email at 9.51am today. As I post this she still hasn't read it.
And she charges £120 an hour - if you can get her to reply to any correspondence or make herself available. Stupid cow.

Offline sushi

Thought you can't rate it if you don't meet?

I think a negative for this is very harsh as you haven't seen this lady.

Her availability shows that she is not available during the week before 18:00, this is because she has a normal job. She does say that with a bit of notice she may be able to do a day meet, obviously in this case she can't accommodate your request on the day you want. Move on and book someone who is.

As she has emailed you 4 times you can't say comms have been bad.

I have met Sam and she gives a great GFE, I would say her age is right because she is about the same age as me.

I am not a fluffy, I have replied to this post because a negative in this case would only be warranted if she:

1. Stood you up.
2. Didn't reply to your emails.
3. Provided you with a crap service.

I don't think it's harsh at all in the circumstances. Let me quote directly from her profile
"PLEASE send a a message before booking ... then there will be no confusion as to availability. If I do not get back to you straight away please don't worry I will contact you as soon as I can on the same day x. Although my availability shows I am not free during the day .... I am sure I could arrange to be free at a little notice xxx I look forward to hearing from you."
So I sent this prossie a message on Monday at 13.38 to see if she was available over the next couple of days. She replied on Monday at 20.13 asking if I could do evenings. I sent her another email on Monday at 21.55 saying I couldn't do evenings I preferred daytimes. She replied on Tuesday at 07.56 asking if I could do weekends. I replied on the same day at 09.24 saying I couldn't do weekends but preferred weekday daytimes. She replied on Wednesday at 08.12 to say she didn't have any availability that day and could only make 30 minutes on Thursday. Having pointed out in an email I sent to her on Wednesday at 09.51 that it was clear her profile was misleading which she replied to at 19.19 and at 22.00 on the same day.

So, I followed her instructions and messaged before booking. She doesn't reply on the same day as stated on her profile and demonstrated in the email timeline above and can only manage 30 minutes daytime availability in four days despite saying she could arrange to be free at a little notice.
It is clear this prossie's profile is complete bollocks and she does not provide the level of service she promises. That's why she merited a negative.

Offline sxman

Sorry have to agree I to believe this negative is harsh as well, if we all posted feedback on not being able to arrange appt or ignored emails the reviews section would be full up with hundreds of negatives reviews a week.

Offline cunnyhunt

When I worked the east Anglia area I tried to book her for a Milf exp, her comms were shit.

It does not matter that others do not agree with MIW, it is his opinion that she is a negative.

MIW there could be any number of reasons why she could not see you during the day that week at a time suitable to both of you. She may have been at work, she may have been fully booked, she might not have liked some of your feedback, we will never know.

A negative report was left for a WG that you never had a booking with. It is up to you whether you put a negative report in or not, but using reverse logic if I put a positive report in for a WG who I had never met because she answered her emails on time and sounded nice, it wouldn't hold much credibility.

Other punters on here may well want to see her at weekends or in the evening and a negative report detracts from the fact that she does provide a good service when you meet her.

Offline socks

Admins rules state that

"- Reviews
A new review thread can only be created once a service provider has agreed to a booking. A meet does not need to take place, money does not need change hands, the only criteria is that the she had accepted the initial booking."

So on that basis this should have been posted because it's a very fair point indicative of shit customer service, but in the regional discussion rather than review board. I'd ask admin to shift it across Walesy. Then we can get back to the point of discussing how much this type of engagement gets on our tits rather than whether it's a review or not.

And my two pence worth is that it really gets on my tits. It's one of the biggest reasons I drift into can't be arsed phases. If you could rely on prossies to treat every communication with care and consideration, then I reckon I'd have blown probably double what I have by now and would have been delighted to have done so.

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