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Author Topic: The Best Ex - how good is her OWO and her facials?  (Read 908 times)

Offline mrx007

https://www.adultwork.com/2862235 or https://www.adultwork.com/The+Best+Ex

Well reviewed on here under her current profile and Liane X (her old profile).

After my last escorting experience which was shite and probably a few mediocre ones before that I am more reserved than before about punting.

I generally go for OWO with CIM and /or facial for the money shot.

Above girl says she charges £20 extra for facial but at £70 15mins or £90 30mins I want to know if she takes a full facial load. Maybe her regulars can answer this?

I've seen the reviews on here: one says she declined OWO and one says she ducked out of the way of even getting it on her tits which makes me think she won't take a full on facial spray.

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Offline johnnyboy61

I'm seeing her next week, but although it is not clearly stated on her profile she has told me that she has stopped giving OWO to all but those clients who solely visit her.  That counts me out, and I do like OWO, but nevertheless I find her great fun and she's an attractive girl who has always given me a good time, so have decided to still go anyway and see what it's like to go back to the old days where OW was the norm! 

She told me the reason she stopped was due to the recent threads on UKP concerning STI scares which have caused her to reassess the services she offers, although the services still listed do still seem to go beyond the purely vanilla.  I'm not sure about facials as they are not my thing, so best to ring up and check if you are interested in her.
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