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Author Topic: Asian nurse role-play  (Read 2098 times)

Offline Andyply

Any recommendations for Japanese looking WG's that offer nurse role-play. I don't watch porn  :blush: :angelgirl: much prefer real stuff, but really like the cute Japanese blowjob nurse videos.  Cute girls in nurse hats.  Lots of licking with tongues ( Japanese speciality) slurping, eye contact, talking in native languages in a cute way, nurse uniform, white tights etc... Could spend a fortune on someone like tiger benson who seems to offer fetish services.  Maybe i should try my luck in a&e?

Offline lol-machine

ah, more specific. next it will be an asian nurse on a pogo stick.


Offline Andyply

ah, more specific. next it will be an asian nurse on a pogo stick.
:P :D yeah, getting quite specific these days, always been my fantasy, had a Korean gf whilst studying at uni in London, she did this, white nurse uniform and hat, good old days :dash: :dash: :dash:

Offline Andyply

I might have to try AW for Korean Jaoanese looking girls and phone to ask, will report back if successful. Amazon search for nurse uniform, small size.  Machine washable   :wackogirl:
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Offline bluelad

This ad on backpage.com may be of interest to you:


Young Asian Massage offers a no-nonsense, high quality,
erotic massage service. For £100 you get a ONE HOUR MASSAGE from a YOUNG, sexy ORIENTAL girl wearing a NURSE UNIFORM with lingerie underneath. She will TURN YOU ON and GET YOU OFF and send you packing FULLY UNLOADED with a BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE.
07979 993393
Poster's age: 19

• Location: London, South Kensington, London

• Post ID: 11475178 london

Offline yimzy

hmmm might try that out. could be throwing £100 away but will let you lads know what happens.

Sounds right up my street. Will be very interested to see how it goes. If I find anything similar I will let you know.

Thought I'd bump this back up the list to see if anyone ever tried it????????

I've had a nightmare couple of days trying to book girls and ending up with nothing. I couldn't find this link at the time or would have TOFT. Perhaps next week.

Offline Andyply

I'm booked in to see Japanese Rika and maybe Japanese Rina in London next month.  Thought I'd bring my fav hold up stockings for them but might enquire about nurse role play.  I know Rina has good feedback as a role play Dom so might be up for scenario type stuff.

Offline ramrodronnie

Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline Andyply

I'm going in blind with Rika, there's s little thread about her if you put her number in the search box.  Here's a face picture she has sent me as the profile photo has been grabbed from a model agency.  Bit pricey but I really want to try "Japanese" before I retire after Xmas and she apparently gives good services.

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2570884 or
Rina I'm informed is Chinese, again I'm blind on this one too.  A good couple of nights work for me possibly.  :wacko:
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2 review(s) found for Rika xx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Bobwong

'Rika ' changes her profile every now and then and posts generic pictures up on her profile. Always willing to send a 'real' photo if you give her your email though but I've never been to see her

Offline Andyply

Never seen any pictures other than those stolen from another lady.  She sent me a picture too.  Am booked in for December so I'll review then.

Offline Kaluuu276

Brings back memories as had the pleasure of a real Asian nurse.

Was a Filipino lady met locally one of my best punts ever.

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