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6 review(s) for Tanyaxx2558 (3 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Andyply

https://www.adultwork.com/3018297 or https://www.adultwork.com/Tanyaxx2558 -
£110 ph massage, owo, RO, stockings all boxes ticked, oh and she's very petite and pretty, lovely lady. 10/10 definitely a revisit on the cards.
Great communications by phone, agreed to services. Easy to find.  Very clean and well presented flat in an okay area, felt safe and discrete.
Far better looking then photoshop, flattened pictures.  Greeted in stockings/heels/ silk dressing gown. Very Slim and petite, dark black hair, nice small hand sized tits.
Good massage, not a long slow affair but 10 mins max, uses elbows, fingers etc likes to grasp buttocks to give herself leverage.
Straight onto owo, minimum wiping with wet wipe as I am always bang tidy clean.  Licking with tongue, DT & tip sucking. Paying with balls. Very enthusiastic.
Happy to do 69 position, got 10 minutes from her,  rimmed her in this position too, very nice, very responsive.
Rode cowgirl very well, likes to have her tits played with and ass squeezed, moved into doggy, my best doggy ever, cute small ass to squeeze, got into it, fucked quite hard, great tight and warm pussy, thin condoms used.  Then into miss, a few different variations, holding her pretty stockinged feet.
Back to owo and HR to finish, made sexy noises throughout. Did not do cim but I sure this was okay if I asked, my fault got carried away. :rolleyes:
Nice slim legs in black opaque hold up stockings. Cute small feet.
Really great girl.  Speaks a little English, knows keys words well and does whatever you ask with enthusiasm.  Had to make myself clear a few times but nothing difficult if you speak clearly, got a few giggles from her, a genuine service provider, no bull or nonsense, does everything on services list.  I did finish after 40 mins but I decided to go as I was meeting friends and I had done everything and was happy.  I am sure she was happy to carry on, let me do more prolong oral and riming, fuck her again. Maybe 30 mins is better as she is always quickly moving between transitions.  But I did enjoy her company so was happy to book an hour (40 mins) £110 was good value. Happy to recommend a lively, lovely girl, great time had, bloody hell thats two on the trot now with Sara massage.   :kiss: Hoping  to see flora massage now I know she's Jasmine lovely who is a different type of Thai girl who speaks fluent English, stunningly gorgeous, so perseverance does pay off then.  :dash:
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6 review(s) found for Tanyaxx2558 linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline gonewest

Thanks for the review, she's moved on to my must see list now :D.  Do you know if she's going to be around for a while or is she a one week wonder?

Offline Andyply

Sorry I have no idea  :unknown: not the best English, maybe it was a different lady on the phone. On my HL which has become considerably smaller quality not quantity.  Will see her next time around.

Offline Andyply

Just a small warning....
Contacted her again for a second meet. Since we left each other good feedback on AW I'd thought I'll get a second stab so to speak.  I made the point of asking for seconds in my text and indicated to her that I noticed I left after only 40 minutes. She does rush through, but not in a bad way, always returns to owo, is always busy doing something good, however it has been noted that she likes to finish early.  I would suggest confirming by phone that you get a full hour and what that entails, is it a second massage or will she blow you without protection again.  I never got a chance or a reply.   :unknown: Maybe it was my intense probing  :scare: I  notice she has however left so might just be this, left a note to say she has gone on AW.  I will try again when she pops back as I found her a genuinely really good shag and owo RO provider if a bit hurried. Maybe this quick service is what it will be like if a meteor was due to hit Earth.  :blush:
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Offline Andyply

Received a text to say she's back in August yippee do  :yahoo:

Offline Andyply
Bit photoshopped but a good likeness, skinny legs, slim waste.

Offline Andyply
Bit photoshopped but a good likeness, skinny legs, slim waste.
Waist  :dash:
Good cowgirl rider, had shaved p***y when I saw her, same cheeky smile, fun girl, if only she respected the "full hour rule" without being asked or reminded.
Love fit Asians in seamed stockings, my fav thing :thumbsup:
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