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Author Topic: Naughty Eva, Harrow Weald  (Read 1410 times)

15 review(s) for xx Naughty Eva xx (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Cunning Punt

 https://www.adultwork.com/1979867 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx+Naughty+Eva+xx

Thanks to those who have recommended Eva. Managed to see her today shortly before she went on holiday.
(She said she would be back from Hungary on Friday, probably working from the same location btw.)

SHORT VERSION: Enjoyable hour (and then some) with an attractive Hungarian girl who's eager to please and I would recommend. No DFK but, apart from that, GFE is every aspect.


Time/fee: 1hr at £70

Called and made a booking with her for mid-afternoon. Think it was her that I spoke to on the phone but couldn't be 100% certain.
Received text with road/postcode straightaway. Very short wait to get buzzed up, largely because she buzzes you in at the front door without giving you the flat number but it's not an issue.

Top-floor flat in residential road in Harrow Weald - not far from Waitrose if you want a landmark on Google Maps.
Although the road is fairly busy, there aren't many people walking up and down, so fairly discreet.
About a mile from the train station, but easy enough to get to by car.
On-street parking without restrictions in the road.
Didn't see much of the flat but room was nice enough, though noise from the road.

Very attractive Hungarian girl with light brown hair and brown eyes. I'm not a great judge of sizes but her breasts are a nice handful, though not large, and her stated age of 27 and size of 10 are both accurate IMO.
Eva is extremely friendly, chatty and extremely eager to please her (ever-growing) clientele.
Her English is not brilliant but enough to get by. Unlike most Romanians who just couldn't give a f***, Eva actually is keen to learn the language and is going to go to college to learn. It is because she actually puts an effort in that you can still have a great conversation with her, despite her limited English.
Oral on her
Protected sex - missionary + cowgirl
Some punters seem to have been fortunate to get DFK with Eva, but I can only speak on my experience, which was fairly light FK. Possibly, when I see her the next time, I may get some more tongue action.
She gives fantastic OWO. Admittedly, I didn't ask about CIM, but it's not on her likes list and after some brief OWO first time round she gave me a choice of cumming with OW or through sex, so it certainly isn't readily available.

Boring details:
After some nice kissing/stroking, gave Eva an extended oral session. While she complimented me and was responsive, she said she can only have an orgasm once a day - and she had a nice, big O that morning (lucky fella!).
Either that or I'm not very at oral and she was trying to be nice.
Eva then gave me some good OWO, followed by sex in missionary with some light FK, though no eye contact, until I popped.
After a very good massage, then she seemed determined to get a 2nd round out of me, though I'm one-pop man. Good luck with that, I said, but through about 10mins of great OWO she did at least get me "standing to attention".

Now, by this stage, the hour was technically up.
However, with the slight late start, short break while she had to go downstairs to pay rent to the landlord (apparently they know what is going on :D) and her stressing about whether her Amazon delivery would ever arrive before she left for holiday, she insisted we went ahead with round 2 - even though the next client had buzzed at the door (sorry if you were the 1700!  :blush:).
It did mean she had to briefly check her phone while giving me a blowjob but in the circumstances, fair enough!
So some nice cowgirl and it was actually I - feeling slightly guilty about time/the next punter and knowing pop 2 was never going to happen anyway - who brought the meeting to a close.
She seemed quite disappointed.
Good looking girl with nice enough figure (she thinks she's fat but isn't)
Eager to please and friendly/chatty
Not a clockwatcher - in fact the opposite, I was probably there 70mins
Fantastic OWO
Nice location
Overall, great VFM punt

None really

Fairly light FK, rather than DFK
No real eye contact
Fairly light

Do I recommend and will I return: Oh yes!

15 review(s) found for xx Naughty Eva xx linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Good review - AW profile says last Saturday working. is she away after today or just going on Holiday?

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks, Password.
Today was her last day and her flight back home was this evening, so she said.
She told me she would be back next Friday, but I could not say when precisely she would be back working. Sometimes, Working Girls' breaks can be a moveable feast anyway.
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Offline Steve2

Spot on review CP. one of the best out there

Offline SamLP

Spot on review CP. one of the best out there

She definitely is. Glad you enjoyed CP, a bit surprising re the dfk and eye contact. I saw her profile today mentioning the last day so I contacted her about it as I was thinking of seeing her sometime next week. She said she'll be back on the 22nd. Re her boobs, she may get them done up but it would be during the winter if she decides to go ahead. She does seem to be a bit conscious about them.

Mate i got dfk, eye contact, mindblowing suck, licked all over. Depends on the day in my experience, that time of the month plays into it too, they get broody and maternal before they get it. Lol. :thumbsup:

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